Happy Halloween From The Little Heros

Peter- Sally (Nightmare Before Christmas)

Miles- A pumpkin

Steve- werewolf

Bucky- Vampire

Wade- Logan

Bruce- Robin

Tony- Batman

Cherik Household- The Wizard of Oz Gang

Clint- Roger Rabbit

Natasha- Jessica Rabbit

Thor- He Man

Loki- King

Not sure how I missed this last year, but glad I’m seeing it now.


Cherik Sounds of the music AU! – Charles was teaching literature at a christian school but at the same time secretly teaching his students about biology and evolution so he was kicked out of the school. Sister Moira helped him find his new job as a governor/private tutor at Lensherr household. There he meets Capt. Erik and his six children(three adopted and three his own). Charles quickly finds out that in this household the first rule is indeed discipline, but that rule will soon come to change.

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[Image: A digital drawing Charles and Erik with Wanda, Pietro, and Lorna as children. Charles is holding Lorna in his arms as she looks up curiously at him. Wanda is draped over Charles’ lap and Pietro is raising his arm to get Lorna’s attention. Erik is dodging Pietro and is looking down at him with an irritated expression.]

i love me some cherik dad au


you know what I really want? an AU in which Lorna is born just before Erik gets arrested for the Kennedy assassination, and he somehow sends her to Charles (because of course he sends her to Charles, where else?), and Charles raises a fuss in the media and forces the government to give Erik a proper trial, contact with the outside world, all those lovely little rights he’s supposed to have–but Erik, like any true radical, decides to argue for his ideas instead of his innocence, and basically drags out the process, arguing that the courts don’t have the authority to try him, oh and also he was totally justified in killing all those Nazis. and Charles, despite not intending any of this to happen, stands by him anyway as years of deliberations and appeals fly by.

and basically the point of the AU is: Lorna. Lorna who grows up as the de facto Xavier heir with all of the wealth and privilege and history that entails, but also unquestionably her father’s daughter, visiting him in prison and sitting in the courtroom and growing up with his manifesto, dedicated to her, debated in every newspaper and public forum.

just… listen to this song and picture dark princess Lorna Dane. that is what I want.

All of this fits perfectly with both her original storyline in 1968 – where she had to choose between helping her father or joining the X-Men – and Uncanny X-Men #443, written by Chuck Austen in the 00s.

In Uncanny X-Men #443, which takes place after the Genoshan genocide but before Decimation, Lorna threatens to kill Xavier toward the end of an argument with him about whether pure pacifism will work or if force is sometimes necessary. I included the pages of how that wraps up below.

I think ultimately, Lorna does best when aspects of her character tie into the original philosophical struggle between Xavier and Magneto.


Tony: We made the mistake of going to a haunted house. Long story short, a few haunted house workers got punched (They’ll be fine) and we’re getting super sued. But these pictures were worth it. Happy Halloween!

( 1- Ariel and Eric

2. Elsa and Anna

3.Rick and Morty

4.Powerpuff girls

5. The Incredibles

6.Wreck it Ralph, Fix-it Felix, Calhoun )

Man, Lorna don’t play. She’s just napping away. 🙂

Love it, thanks for drawing!