Polaris of the Green Hair

I had some thoughts on my drive in to work today concerning Lorna’s beautiful and awesome green hair. And because I love writing these articles, I’ve decided to make writing them into part of my celebration of Lorna’s 50th anniversary.

As most fans know, Lorna used to dye her hair brown to hide her green hair.


She’s had that green hair ever since. So here’s the question: Why was Lorna dyeing her hair?

These are a few theories.

Foster Parent Protection

This is the theory I’ve held longest, but it’s only as I start to write this post that I realize it’s not the only possible reason.

Lorna is growing in a world that fears and hates mutants. What if her foster parents knew she was a mutant and hid it from her? Perhaps Magneto took Lorna to the only living family other than himself that could take her in, explained his desire for Lorna to lead a normal life, and the Danes took over from there.

Even if the Danes didn’t know Lorna was secretly a mutant, the visual signifier could have led people to believe she was a mutant and attack her. So, it could have been a matter of protection.

Subconscious Aversion

This is a theory I don’t like (at least right now), but as it’s a possibility I’m including it.

Lorna’s green hair came about when her powers manifested – and she accidentally killed her parents. In other words, in a child’s mind, green hair = trauma and death. Mastermind may have altered her mind to make completely forget, but trauma is not just the memories themselves. It’s the echoes they leave in the mind, and that would have been difficult to impossible to erase.

So, Lorna dyeing her hair may have been a small part of her that remembered the feeling of her trauma and didn’t have the tools to get past it, so she avoided it. She dyed it brown, her hair color from before her powers awakened, after all.


And then there’s kids.

Kids are horrible to other kids that stand out “too much.” Just about anything could be grounds for bullying and harassment, and green hair is astoundingly showy in a room full of kids with brown, black, blonde or red hair. As she says in her introductory story, she dyes her hair to “avoid attracting the curious.” What if in this case, that meant kids who wanted to pick on her for it?

Similarly, maybe it made her more of a target for sexual harassment, and her method of dealing with it back then was to “dress down.”

End of Hair Dye

So with these three theories, I come to the final thing I wanna bring up. She stopped dyeing her hair after her powers were restored and she realized she was a mutant. Why?

Here’s what I think: she’s discovered who she is as a mutant and now embraces what that green hair means for her. Her green hair isn’t just a quirk of genetics. It’s symbolic of her identity. It no longer represents something to fear or be ashamed of. It represents her power, her courage, her calling as a mutant.

She never dyes her hair again because deep down, no matter what she says or does, subconsciously she loves being a mutant and standing out as one. Any claims made to the contrary are false. If they weren’t, why would she go around showing off the most visible sign of her mutant identity?