Boycotting axis and uncanny avengers seems like a good idea. Do you think there’s any need to boycott all new x factor cause that might be a bit hard for me to give up


No, absolutely not! There’s no reason to boycott any X-Men comic; on the contrary, we should keep buying them so Marvel knows we care about those characters and they aren’t allowed to sideline them just because Disney says so!

My advice is that those buying All-New X-Factor and Magneto continue to do so. Not buying them is like telling Marvel we support their decision to reshape the comics to better fit their cinematic universe, not buying them is telling Marvel they’re correct in not putting any publicity in those comics, therefore dooming them to cancellation.

Very good points. When Lorna got left out of Axis, and the covers went out of their way to make Enchantress look like Lorna while doing so, I decided I would still support the X-Men comics and buy ANXF and Magneto. I was set to refrain from everything except what includes Lorna (which isn’t a big change since I’ve only been reading ANXF and Magneto so far anyway), but I may go back and remain willing to buy X-Men comics still after all after this post.

It’s been extremely obvious Disney and Marvel are trying to diminish both Fantastic Four and the X-Men purely due to film rights issues. Fantastic Four comic killed off, the X-Men had absolutely no individual panel at SDCC while Spider-Verse got one (Spider-Verse has fewer comics), the X-Men franchise is always screwed over and the Avengers franchise always benefits from every crossover event, and I’m sure there’s more I’m not thinking of right now.


Just another case of me not wanting to live on this planet anymore. And I’m going to address false comparisons here for a moment because people can’t seem to grasp the concept. False comparison is taking two none comparable things and…comparing them. An example of this is the new Thor who is a woman, and the retcon of the Twins pasts. “But those are totally the same!” Except not. Both money grabbing ploys? Sure. Just looking for some scandal? You bet. But as far as the characters and fans are concerned they are totally different cases. Thor temporarily not having his hammer is something that has happened before and doesn’t change who he is or his past. Just makes him sad. This is a forward directional story telling. From a point forward things will be different. That is storytelling. You don’t have to like it, but it’s relatively harmless. What isn’t harmless and vastly different than Thor losing his hammer is changing backstory. To reboot or retcon a story is to take away what we had. To change what we loved. To make it so we can’t read those other stories because it casts a different light on every interaction those characters ever had. And it hurts. You can still read an old Thor run with his hammer. You will eventually read a new Thor run with his hammer. That is not the case with the twins. Reading stories about them and Magneto are now no longer what they were when we grew up. I cannot dress as Wanda without people asking “did you know, did you see, what do you think..” About this reboot. It hurts to look at my shelves of M family stuff. It hurts to watch the Wolverine and the Xmen cartoon. Their future’s weren’t changed, it was their pasts. And with that our pasts. Reboots hurt worse than deaths. Deaths can be undone. Retcones are rarely able to be negated. A fair comparison would be like being told the original 151 pokemon were not pokemon. They were something else. They are no longer included in future games as pokemon, but don’t worry, if you like them you can go back and play the old games and pretend they are still pokemon. Does that sound like something you can do? Just pretend?Act like that taint of knowledge doesn’t harm your memories? It does

Very well said.

Why this Axis 7 development is so disappointing (Axis spoilers under the cut)




I’m fairly new to the Marvel universe, so I haven’t been keeping up with this “Axis” crossover storyline. From what I have gleaned from the brief explanations I got from a particularly chatty customer in a local comic shop, it’s a little hokey. Red Skull (a Literal Nazi) steals the brain of the recently deceased Charles Xavier (the most powerful telepathic mutant in this universe) and essentially performs brain surgery on himself to give himself  psychic powers and wage a psychic war on every mutant on earth. Being a Literal Nazi, this is ostensibly out of a need for racial and genetic purity, because when you’re a Nazi Eugenics NEVER go out of style.

That’s the storyline as far as I understand it. Then some other stuff happened? Magneto and his kids got involved? What happened next was, if I may speak frankly, a big ol’ bucket of horseshit.

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Excellent points. I would just like to add one “fun” detail: at least three of the Jewish Marvel characters on that list linked above are currently dead (or literally ceased to exist).

they did this for the copyright – which means, they’re probably never going to undo it like they did so much more stuff in the marvel universe. this is bullshit. i’m so fucking angry.

Hit them at their bottom line. That’s the only way they’ll see and feel it. They don’t care about dropped sales in the comics, so focus on the films and/or other Disney properties. Don’t limit just to Marvel if you feel up for it. No matter who made the decision, you can bet the suits at the top at the very least condone this behavior if they didn’t outright demand that it happen. Every little bit counts.

Maybe they’ll fix this idiocy. Maybe they won’t. But whether they do or don’t, they can still be made to suffer some consequences for showing such disrespect toward fans and the source material itself.


This is not happening …
It’s just a bad dream.
Tomorrow I will wake up again and there will be a happy big Maximoff family…
This is just a nightmare …

Don’t worry, it’s not happening, because we won’t let it. 🙂 This is a corporate-forced retcon that does not actually represent the way things are. It doesn’t matter how hard they try to ram it down everyone’s throats, if we don’t accept it, then it’s not true. Better yet, as fans we can work with and build up the true, full Magnus family through fanart, fanfiction, fan comics, the works. Disney and Marvel can’t take that away from us, no matter how hard they try.


Erik and Lorna were removed from Pietro and Wanda’s family member lists on their Marvel Wiki pages Wednesday night. /We/ are not the ones jumping the gun here. They changed in the text of their entries that Magneto is their “rumored father” and Magda is still listed as their mother on their genealogy sidebar, but Erik and Lorna are out. Fans are upset. Yes. Very much so. Without reason, sir? No, not quite. This isn’t a matter of “give t time, there is a story” this is a matter of Marvel changing their very wiki entries to reflect the coming status quo. Those wikis are rarely current. To go so far out of the way to change it now is evidence of them trying to pull in movie viewers. Google Quicksilver and Matvel Wiki is in the top three results. Marvel wants movie fans to know the twins are NOT Magneto’s. It’s extremely transparent. So no, we are NOT jumping the gun. But thank you for being patronizing, sir, it’s lovely.
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Sorry with my last reblog, just now seeing this post. I understand your sentiment now.

My personal opinion right this second is that Brevoort’s caught between a rock and a hard place. He knows how bad this is, and he knows a reckoning is on the way, so he’s pretty much saying anything and everything he can to get out of it as unscathed as possible.

None of this changes what’s really happening to these characters and the way to go about dealing with it. Empty promises of “let the story unfold first” are just that, empty. This retcon should’ve never been attempted in the first place, no matter where they intend to go with it.


Yes, let’s talk about the brief (ok, 20-ish years) history where Wanda and Pietro’s father was Whizzer and their mother was Miss America. Let’s talk about all the compelling stories and events that Marvel put out featuring that family dynamic and how it shaped the characters. Let’s talk about all the people who relate to that or are fascinated by that family dynamic. Let’s talk about how that family compelled the characters and their very identities. Go……..

Ok, now that we talked about how absolutely no one cares about the Whizzer or found that family dynamic compelling, let’s talk about the 30 years of Magneto being their father.

Let’s talk about all the stories, comics, and events that revolve around Magneto being the father of the twins. Let’s talk about how compelling and interesting that family’s disorder is. Let’s talk about how those character were shaped by their relationship. Let’s talk about every decision and alliance they have made in the last 30 years have revolved around their family. Let’s talk about House of M, Children’s Crusade, Magneto Not a Hero…let’s talk about how for as long as the target audience of 18-35 year old readers have been alive Magneto has been their father.

Yes, let’s bring up a retcon done 30+ years ago to clean up their convoluted backstory, to try and discredit our objections today. Let’s keep up these false comparisons. Because that is not patronizing and insulting to us.

Yes, let’s.
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Someone brought this video to my attention earlier today. It’s awesome. Every second of it is awesome. All of it is a work of art. The costumes created by these fans, the special effects, the cinematography, the raw hardcore fan devotion they all exude.

Now as awesome as this video is, there’s a bigger reason why I decided to take the time to post this on my Tumblr and not just privately savor the moment: Axis #7.

Axis #7’s forced retcon that Wanda and Pietro suddenly aren’t Magneto’s kids anymore wasn’t just awful, it was a betrayal. I’ve been looking around at social media and various online fan forums, and I’ve seen all the strong, visceral reactions people have to the huge knife Disney and Marvel stuck in everyone’s backs.

I’m not a hardcore Marvel fan by any means. I don’t have decades of experience with the comics. I hardly know a thing about them outside of my favorite character. If you asked me for nitty gritty details about the Marvel universe, 9 times out of 10 I wouldn’t be able to tell you a thing about it. But I do know two things: what it feels like to be betrayed by a company you trusted, and how Disney and Marvel regard online fan activity. Since I started keeping my eye on Marvel, I’ve seen them repeatedly dismiss online complaints from fans as worthless, as irrelevant, as something that doesn’t need to be considered. There’s an overwhelming attitude that by and large, what the fans say and think doesn’t matter because the executives and editors are the people calling the shots.

Why am I posting this? Because this video is proof that any sentiment they may have in that vein is wrong. This video shows just how awesome and powerful the fans really are. Marvel wouldn’t be here without its fans. Marvel would not have found its way into popular culture without its fans. Disney would not have bought Marvel if the fans had not made the Marvel universe into a hot property. No matter what the suits at Disney or Marvel think, they are nothing without the fans.

So if you feel powerless and hurt because of Axis #7, or One More Day, or any other story turn that feels like a betrayal of everything you love, remember: they are nothing without you. And in the end, no matter what Disney and Marvel try to make you think, you ultimately decide what to support, not them. The things you love about Marvel cannot die as long as you keep them alive. They can’t stop you from doing cosplays, or writing fanfiction, or drawing fanart. All they can do is give you a product and hope you give them money for it.