About Wanda and Pietro


I’ve gotten a couple questions about the Wanda/Pietro divide in the latest Scarlet Witch so I’ll address it as best I can.

I’ve just feel as though Wanda has become a very isolated character. In some ways, she’s gotten to show facets of herself in this solo that have been genuinely formative and interesting. But, at this point, it’s as though Agatha is the only person in her life which is not how I imagined this series would go. I pictured Wanda training Billy, I pictured interactions with old friends like Carol Danvers or Steve Rogers, I pictured Wanda finding the sense of family that she used to so heavily desire through other means than motherhood/domestication. To see Wanda at odds with Pietro is definitely disheartening, interesting in ways, but still very disheartening.

I think it shows a lack of faith in the character to always have her express her individuality through severance. I would’ve liked to see her and Pietro at odds but still around each other, still working things out- to me it’s far more interesting when characters have contentions but must stick it out with one another. If Pietro had a recurring role like that, I might’ve been more open to contention because I would know it’s going somewhere new, somewhere that develops both characters. Wanda doesn’t need to be in this vacuum with the ghost of some chick who is probably a Svengali shaping her into a WMD.

I really miss the days when there was so much possibility in this family. It was really exciting to me when Pietro was growing closer to Lorna and then Wanda became involved in that dynamic (even if it was sort of a one-shot waste). I miss the possibilities that Young Avengers: Children’s Crusade presented with grampy Magneto & the twins, I miss interactions with Luna and Crystal, I miss all that weird alchemy.

I think all characters who have ever been part of the Magnus family, including Wanda and Pietro, suffer greatly from Marvel’s current attitude.

Marvel sees the nature of their relationships as a weapon to use against Fox. Contrary to their claims that retconning Magneto as Wanda and Pietro’s father is all about telling a good story, it’s the exact opposite. The point is to force an artificial change for corporate-based reasons even though it horribly undermines story potential for all involved.

I consider myself a pretty good case study of just how badly Marvel screwed up here. After All-New X-Factor #14, I would’ve read a Scarlet Witch solo book, for the same reason I read the entire Magneto solo book. There may have been a chance of Polaris appearing on the book, and even if she didn’t, you at least knew that reading the solo would give you a better idea of their dynamic.

After Axis, and its forced retcon, I lost any reason I ever had to read anything involving Scarlet Witch. I’m a Polaris fan. The Axis retcon severed their relationship as sisters, and as a result, any relationship they have with each other period. It was an arduous stretch for Marvel to let them interact even when they had family grounds to do so. Marvel’s made it abundantly clear that they look down on Lorna and see her as “unworthy” to have any kind of meaningful role anywhere in comics. If they’re no longer sisters, and Marvel sees Polaris as a worthless nobody character, then there’s zero chance they’ll interact in the Scarlet Witch solo book. Marvel won’t “waste panel space” on “nobody characters” that have no ties to Wanda.

I think Marvel will eventually stop sucking, but it’s going to take a long time. Until then, no matter what Marvel does with any of the characters, they’re all going to suffer from Marvel’s terrible attitude.

Things I would like Marvel to announce at SDCC this year

  • Polaris origins miniseries
  • Another House of M miniseries
  • Polaris added to Uncanny X-Men, A-Force or some other major team
  • Polaris announced to have a major meaningful role in Death of X and next Marvel-wide event
  • An AAA X-Men video game with Polaris as a meaningful playable story character
  • Wolverine and the X-Men cartoon picking up where season 1 left off
  • Polaris introduced in next X-Men film as Magneto’s daughter OR Polaris and Magneto added to Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver restored to being Magneto’s kids
  • Major official Polaris figurine

Things I would like that Marvel will actually announce at SDCC this year

  • Nothing.


k so I know in House of M au’s everyone like to make Teddy the Super Important Foreign Dignitary Skrull Prince but what if he was just like. regular Teddy. Growing up under Magneto’s rule, assuming he was a normal mutant. And when the truth eventually comes out suddenly Teddy finds himself being ‘invited’ to live with the royal family (cause like hell is anyone gonna pass up the opportunity to influence  make friends with the heir to a galactic empire) and someone gets the BRILLIANT idea to try to set him up with their resident gay prince. So basically it devolves into this: 

Okay, I’ve said a lot about Marvel’s treatment of Polaris, the Magnus family, and the X-men in general on here.

One thing I haven’t talked about much is something I realize is much more important and telling than I’ve considered: Marvel’s treatment of Quicksilver.

It all started with Fox. Skipping past the Disney buyout, the spats, all the other things I’ve mentioned before, Quicksilver got his live action film debut with Days of Future Past. What started as a simple appearance turned into a major cameo. Following up from DoFP, Bryan Singer decided Quicksilver should be a major player in the next film, Apocalypse.

… While also deciding not to include Scarlet Witch or Polaris, and all signs currently imply the daughter we see with Magneto in previews is meant to be Anya or some variant of her.

That’s Fox’s approach. They’ve decided to emphasize the guys and leave out the women.

Now it’s time to look at what matters more: Marvel.

When Days of Future Past was out in theaters, Marvel kept Pietro off covers of All-New X-Factor.

When Axis happened, Pietro got roped into the forced retcon on Wanda and Pietro’s parentage.

After a few fleeting comics together, Wanda went off to her own solo book, while Pietro is… a member of Uncanny Avengers? I think? Point being, he’s presently just a member of the team he was already on, only now he’s not able to interact with ANY of his family – Polaris and Magneto because Marvel’s made the horrendously awful decision to make them no longer his family.

And then there’s Secret Wars House of M. As much as I love that miniseries and especially what it did for Polaris, I have to admit it treated Pietro terribly and very OOC compared to how Pietro should be.

Finally, there’s the obvious: even though Pietro was in Age of Ultron, he was killed at the end. Last I heard, there are no plans for him at all.

Putting all of this together, here’s what we get: even though both Fox and Marvel have the rights to Quicksilver and can do whatever they want, Marvel stripped Pietro of everything that tied him to the X-Men franchise or let him be involved in it, and gave him only a single appearance in Age of Ultron in return.

Marvel’s sense of spite toward Fox owning the film rights for the X-Men franchise – and ONLY the film rights, even though Marvel can still do cartoons and video games and a lot more else – is so inflated that they even take it out on Quicksilver. Just because Fox got first crack at him in live action films.

There is a point I’ve made many times before: if Marvel wanted, they could use their control over the comics, cartoons, video games, etc to demonstrate they’d handle the X-Men franchise better if they had the film rights. They created the characters, they have the rights for all these other mediums, they could make a very solid case for this… if they cared about their own IPs enough to do so.

Marvel’s treatment of Quicksilver shows an entirely different angle on this point. Here, we have a character who BOTH Marvel AND Fox have equal rights on, where Marvel can feature Quicksilver in the MCU without giving anything to Fox or needing to consult with them… and it’s not enough.

Marvel doesn’t just want the right to use X-Men characters in live action films with a better contract or no contract with Fox. Marvel wants Fox to not be able to use or benefit from the characters at all, in any way, shape or form.

The only reasons Scarlet Witch gets what little she does, like a solo book and future supporting roles in MCU films, are because the MCU got to her first and Fox has no current plans to use her. Which certainly makes one wonder what Marvel will do to Wanda if Fox ever gives her a prominent role.


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