So I noticed how a lot of Batman’s villains are doctors.

so many that one of them started calling himself Mister just to stand out more

Mister Freeze?


I read sonething once – not sure if it was an actual comic, a fanfic, heck, maybe just a dream – where Dr. Victor Fries revealed why he calls himself “Mister Freeze”.

“Because a doctor could have saved Nora.”

This actually makes me think of unspoken implications of this as Batman’s universe.

Batman is a man with major untreated childhood trauma. His coping mechanism was to train extensively for the rest of his life to dress as a bat and fight crime.

Coincidentally, all of the villains listed here are doctors, a title which you would expect from an expensive therapist that would be paid to help Bruce with his trauma. Three out of the four have created substances that affect the mind. And even though he isn’t a doctor, Joker does the same – he uses a toxin that forces people to laugh and smile until they die.

If you look at these villains as projections of Bruce’s thoughts and feelings, the undercurrent is that he’s deeply opposed to treatment and sees drugs as a bad thing that either hurt you or turn you into someone you’re not.

Hell mode: this would also make Bane a projection of Bruce’s fear that no matter how much he trains and tries to cope without treatment, people who get treatment and use drugs (Venom) can easily best him and break him while they’re on the drug. Though of course, that it’s addictive AND (at least in some versions) terrible for you in the long-run still feeds the “I’m better off not getting treatment” attitude.