The Havok Situation


I’ve considered whether or not to make this post for a while now. Ultimately, I decided to go for it. Because I’m confident in how things will play out.

I’ve noticed that over the past few months, the X-Men comic books – under the editorial control of Jordan D. White – have attempted to sow the seeds of forcing Havok on Lorna again. I’m not showing the images, cause I don’t feel it’s worth the time, but here’s a quick list.

  • Flashback of Lorna and Havok seeing baby Cable
  • One image of Lorna kissing Havok in Prisoner X, that doesn’t fit with anything else about the page
  • Forthcoming use of Malice-possessed Lorna on Uncanny X-Men, where Havok is a key member of the team

I recognize the three goals of the X-Men books (and Jordan D. White) doing this.

  1. If I complain about it, they hope my complaining will backfire and make people think of Lorna mostly for her association with Havok instead of her actual great qualities.
  2. If I don’t complain about it, they hope my silence de facto permits them screwing Lorna over by making her all about being his girlfriend again.
  3. It’s a test. They want to see how I react, what consequences they face, and if the slow roll instead of the right-in-your face bullshit that got pulled with X-Men Blue will work out better.

Framing this as “if I do X” does sound cocky, I admit. That’s why I usually don’t speak this way. But 1) I’m kinda using the I in a “plural” sense – myself as any fan out there, on an individual level vs collective level. And 2) even meaning it as specifically me, Marvel has a history of being petty and “punishing” people for not just accepting their garbage. has previously pointed out how an editor printed a staff member’s resignation letter (#2), deliberately set up in story in a way to be insulting to the staff member who left. Marvel hasn’t changed in any meaningful way since then. It’s still run by people who will do stuff like this if they can get away with it.

So Marvel, and JDW, are trying to pull something with their recent spat of activity. They’ve had Havok hijack Lorna’s return on X-Men Blue, then had him lead a team of his own while Lorna got nothing, then made him a key member of the major flagship book while holding Lorna down in roles as a supporting character. All the while, trying to force Havok back onto her in the few appearances she’s been getting.

But here’s what I’ve been leading to: Marvel is going to fuck it up. Hard.

I literally don’t have to do anything except watch. If I died right now, they will still fall into a trap of their own making.

Let me give a little context though. This week, there was a HUUUUUGE uproar about how Rosenberg, in Uncanny X-Men, used trans panic in a clumsy and insensitive manner with Wolfsbane. To Rosenberg’s credit, he apologized. Not to the credit of anyone at Marvel, this shit keeps happening. They never try to fix it – as we’ve seen with all the ways they’ve done similar to Lorna and kept it intact if not reinforced it. They never learn. They make an apology, ask for donations to a cause, then 2-3 years later someone else fucks up in similar fashion.

My complaints about how Lorna’s been treated around Havok or because of him aren’t baseless. Every bit of what I’ve said, I know to be 100% accurate and valid. I’m not trying to “sell” people on a lie like Marvel is. I’ve been unveiling the truth and laying it bare.

Which is why I know that when – not if, but when – Marvel tries to go further than whispers at the moon, they are going to prove me right. On everything.

So let them try it. Let them fail. Let them not listen to a word I’ve said, and ruin themselves in the process. If they’re that eager to be disrespectful to Polaris in favor of their fanboying over Havok and toxic past treatment of Lorna, then they deserve every single thing they’re going to bring on themselves. And I won’t have to lift a finger.