Some realtalk. I don’t think what’s happening now will cause Tumblr to completely shut down. Have you seen MySpace? Nobody gives a shit about MySpace, and it’s still there. @staff could literally be the only ones on this site and they’ll keep it running cause they’re dumbasses like that.

Tumblr will be worthless though once they go through with their undeniably stupid plan. Its userbase will slowly die out as fewer and fewer people find any semblance of value to being here.

Some people are making the mistake of thinking this is just like any other past “scandal” for Tumblr. It’s not. This is value-destroying. Here’s why.

This action by Tumblr sets a precedent. Countless users have spent literal years creating content, posting content, sharing content. They followed Tumblr’s own fucking rules on what to do, like mark their blogs as NSFW.

Then Tumblr turned around and just banned all NSFW content. Out of nowhere. Cause they’re too goddamn stupid to do their jobs the right way.

Who’s going to trust Tumblr with their content after this clusterfuck? Why spend years of your life on a platform that’s signaled it’ll kill your blog and your posts so they can be lazy assholes?

If the site gets inundated with bestiality porn bots, are they going to ban everything with animals? Will we never see pictures of cats and dogs on here because there’s a chance it could be one of the porn bots? It sounds like a stupid and absurd premise, but remember, we’re dealing with stupid and absurd people that don’t care about doing the right thing. Only what’s easiest for them.

I’m not expecting Tumblr to learn its lesson from the backlash. That requires people that a) know what they’re doing, b) aren’t lazy as hell, and c) don’t have huge egos that make them double down on something even when it’s clearly wrong. But this will be the outcome. And Tumblr has only itself to blame.