After Sony gave in and sold the Spiderman Rights back to Marvel, I
really hope that 20th Fox stays strong. I dont want the X-Men being part
of the MCU and most of all I don’t want any other actors/actresses to
play this characters. Because (almost) everyone is perfectly casted.

I currently want Fox to hold out more because 1) I don’t trust Marvel to treat the X-Men franchise with the same level of respect anymore, and 2) I wholly expect Marvel would completely ignore Polaris if some deal was struck.

Marvel’s behavior toward both X-Men and Polaris in the comics when they can’t make films about them shows us precisely how little they appreciate both when the chips are down. Especially in Polaris’ case, the fact they exclude her from every major event and don’t promote things she’s on is proof that if the company somehow got the X-Men film rights back or struck a deal with Fox, they would never use her. With Fox, there’s an actual chance we’ll see Polaris in a film some day, assuming the girl in Days of Future Past wasn’t her.

Of course, if Marvel starts treating the X-Men franchise better in the comics and offers more use and promotion of Polaris, then I might be more inclined to trust that Fox should strike some kind of deal with Marvel. As it is, Marvel’s done nothing but make me think Fox is a better company for the X-Men and all related characters.

I thought the girl with Pietro watching the news in DoFP was Lorna? Aka the twins’ younger sister. If that’s so, then Wanda could still show up as an adult and as a proper twin.


My friend immediately said she was Wanda and she pointed her out to me, and I agreed – and it says here it’s Wanda lol.

in any case it would be odd to just have Pietro and Polaris and have Wanda not be present

No, that’s either Polaris, Anya or a different character. Whoever it is, it’s definitely not Wanda.

So Polaris Is In X-Men: Days Of Future Past & Scarlet Witch Gets Cut

X-Men: Days Of Future Past Cuts All Mentions Of Scarlet Witch

The picture was released without information about the girl alongside it. Because the dress is pink and Pietro is most often paired with his twin sister, people (understandably) jumped to the conclusion it had to be Wanda.

As the links above show, Bryan Singer later clarified the little girl is not Wanda, but Peter’s little sister.

Whether or not that’s really Lorna is anyone’s guess. As a Lorna fan I obviously very much want that to be the case, but realistically it could be Anya or a different character instead since Bryan Singer didn’t give an actual name.

That’s not to say Wanda doesn’t exist in the X-Men films. As the articles above note, one scene cut from the film mentioned Peter having another sister that’s never seen.

Frankly, while it’s more promising for everyone if the little girl is Lorna, it’s still more promising for Wanda for the little girl to not be her even if it isn’t Lorna. That means Peter and Wanda can still be twins and still have that close dynamic in a future film.

My personal hope is that we get both Lorna and Wanda in future X-Men films. Their sister relationship is full of badass awesome potential and I’m eager to see that relationship explored far moreso than Peter with Lorna or Wanda.

How I Would Make An X-Men Movie


Cyclops: Just swim over there and take him from behind.
Wolverine: I weigh 800lbs, there is no “swim”.
Next Scene~
Professor X: We head out at dawn.
Jubilee: I’m a vampire.
Professor X: Fine, dusk!
Jubilee: There’s still a little daylight then and I’m still a vampire.
Next Scene~
Iceman: Hang on, Logan!
Next Scene~
Nightcrawler: Merry Christmas, Kitty!
Shadowcat: You stupid fucking waffle cone, I’m Jewish.
Next Scene~
Magneto: We must kill all humans! But first, it’s Lorna’s nap time.
Quicksilver: WTF DAD
Magneto: Shut up, I’m not even your real dad. At least this one’s actually mine!
Next Scene~
Professor X: Raven and I are having a child.
*distant sounds of disgust follow*
Iceman: This is almost as gross as that time you dated Jean.
Cyclops and Wolverine: Wait, what?

I disagree and say Magneto’s definitely still Magneto’s son no matter what bullshit Marvel tries to pull over their film rights slapfest, but this is still amusing. 🙂