…I’d read that team-up.

– House of M #4

As would we all. 🙂

I don’t see what’s the new thing about this. A thief? We already have a thief and that’s Storm. Why another story about thief? I’m glad Lorna said “Heh. Absolutely not” She’s not Storm. Glad this is not 616.

By contrast, I don’t see why it couldn’t be done.

There’s nothing that says being a thief has to be exclusive to one or a very small group of characters. Felicia’s a thief, Storm’s a thief, but so is Gambit.

To me, this is a lot like the argument that Lorna and Magneto both wielding magnetic powers is redundant and you can’t have both around or on the same book at the same time. Nobody seems to have a problem with it when super strength, psychic abilities, claws, etc come into the mix. It’s also a lot like some arguments people made that Lorna couldn’t be Magneto’s daughter because it would somehow take away from Wanda’s role as Magneto’s daughter.

If Lorna were to become a thief, it wouldn’t detract from Storm at all. She’s far too popular and mainstream for those things that define her to be lost to another character so easily. If anything, I’d say Lorna as a thief only makes things MORE interesting and presents MORE opportunity. For one, Lorna’s hardly had any experience as a thief, so Lorna could learn from Storm while Storm learns something from Lorna. For another, their approaches to thievery could be very different, especially where mutant powers are concerned. It presents an opportunity to emphasize how they differ.

Now, WOULD Lorna become a thief? That’s an entirely different question. I don’t know the answer to that, as I need to think about it more. But if it’s a question of “I called dibs,” I don’t subscribe to that philosophy. It’s unnecessarily limiting, and squanders a wealth of potential.

Nobody seems to have a problem seeing both Magneto and Polaris in the same book or team either (except you). Besides, they are father and daughter duh. Polaris as a thief is not going to happen (that would only make people to talk shit about her like you do. Yes, I read a lot of your hypocrisy comments. So that’s what you want I guess, but ain’t going to happen). You can only dream lol. She is not a queen of thief like Storm is. There would be no reason for Lorna to steal. She does not come from a low class people. She come from high class people and she’s going to steal what?? A piece of metal? AAAAJAJAJAJAJA que estupida oh estupido tu eres mijita/o.That’s not her characterization and I’m sure this is out of character.

Storm is not too far popular and she has a lot of fake ass fans. I mean A LOT of fake ass fans. Trust me I know. The x-men are no longer the same and Storm in mainstream like in movies are so weak and shit. Storm ain’t nothing when it comes to Magneto and Cyclops. Storm with the rest of the x-men are nothing more but a piece of cloth for Marvel to dry their ass with. At least Polaris gets to shine better than those who are so “popular” and “mainstream” pfft Polaris is popular and maybe you tying to make it look like she is not. You can fool yourself, but you ain’t fooling me. Storm is popular only to Chris Claremont because on line there are probably thousands different of avatars running by only ONE PERSON lol to like or reblog Storm. Storm became a shame characters when you see her drowning with the rest of the X-men. Storm’s cancellation book explain a lot.

I only want to make it clear that Polaris as a thief is not interesting and will never happen. You can only dream… sure pero no puedes hacer que esto pase porque tu no tienes el poder de joder a Polaris chico/chica. Despierta que estas en las nuves.

Nobody seems to have a problem seeing both Magneto and Polaris in the same book or team either (except you).

>(except you).

That is literally not what I said.

*skims rest of reply*

Oh, that’s why. Hi again. Bye again.

I’ve had a lot to think about over the past week.

I’ll just come right out and say it: receiving abuse over things I care about is not new to me. I’ve been dealing with it for years.

When I complained about Final Fantasy 13 around the time it released, many people attacked me – including one guy who actually said he wished my parents were Jews that died during the Holocaust.

While GamerGate’s been going on, I’ve seen them doxx, threaten, harass and smear so many innocent people – insisting one person was a rapist, insisting another person had sex for game reviews, insisting yet another person has sex with dogs. Any time it looked like there was a risk of me becoming a “big player” opposed to their abuse, they swarmed me with accusations and flat out lies about me.

Many of those same people followed me on Twitter when GamerGate started, to try to “inform” me of the “truth” – followed by trying to wear me down by repeatedly insisting I was stupid or naive, calling me “retarded” (horrible slur no decent person should ever use, by the way) and similar things.

I’ve had so much more than that aimed at me, for so many reasons, and it all boils down to one thing: they see me as a threat, and they want to ruin me or tear me down because attacking the messenger is easier than refuting the message.

It also always comes with loaded language. Abusers try to paint themselves as the victim, and try to de-legitimize the person they’re targeting. When I complained about Final Fantasy 13, people that didn’t want me to complain insisted I wasn’t a “true Final Fantasy fan”… even though Final Fantasy, with all the heart and soul Hironobu Sakaguchi poured into it, has meant so much to me since I was a child. When GamerGate attacks people they don’t like or see as a threat to their agenda, they insist their targets “aren’t real gamers”… while promoting people like Jack Thompson who have tried to get video games banned, and celebrating the idea that GamerGate might have caused some universities not to fund academic study or archival efforts in video games.

In cases like GamerGate, you even have people that actively tout how they’re going to “use the SJWs’ language against them.”

In a sense, I’ve been lucky and naive – I haven’t faced that kind of abuse for my support of Polaris until now.

And I don’t know, maybe this time the attempt at a smear job on me will succeed, but that really doesn’t matter. Polaris is worth suffering through this kind of abuse. As long as I break the cycle that’s kept her from being acknowledged and used for her value and potential for the past four (going on five) decades, it’ll all be worth it. I’ll be happy just to see that for all the slings and arrows aimed at me, Lorna’s getting cosplay, getting fanart, getting fanfic, and maybe some day will get to be the big part of the Marvel universe she should be.

I’m also going to ask that if you think some fan work isn’t getting enough spread because I posted it, or even if you don’t like me personally or think reblogging me will cause problems you don’t want, then please make a new post of it. You don’t have to attribute me with it anywhere, all that matters is that it gets out there and helps the fandom grow. I know how powerful fiction can be. Lorna has more value and potential than anyone can imagine, and she deserves the best she can get.



This is the reason why Magneto did what he did. He saved his daughter
and going to sacrifice himself. It look like he’s going to die. At
least Polaris is going to live and it’s the reason why he did the
unacceptable, but there were no other choice. And no, Polaris is not
depowered otherwise Marvel was better off killing her, but they didn’t
(and there is a reason why Marvel didn’t killed her) as some people here
stated with their “theory”  a while ago.

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The possibility that Lorna got depowered there is not a “theory,” it’s a theory. I’m not telling anyone they have to believe it, and I’m not saying it’s necessarily true either. I’m saying it’s POSSIBLE, and that it’s important to keep an eye out in case it is.

That’s all.

When he says “Your gifts… become MINE,” that specific line reads like he’s saying he’s taking her powers, BUT, there is still enough vagueness for it to be false. As such, it can go either way. I explicitly said this in my post. I am obviously very happy she’s not dead, which I was worried might happen, but we have no conclusive proof yet she was or wasn’t depowered.

The “Lorna is Briar” theory: You either didn’t read my post when I made it, or are deliberately mangling what I said. I said it once. ONCE. And for that ONE TIME I said it, I said it was both ONE OF SEVERAL theories and EXTREMELY UNLIKELY. Yet, you make it out to be something I thought with absolute certainty was guaranteed to happen, and you make it sound like I went around spouting it off for months.

Avengers vs X-Men: So you’re glad she wasn’t in it. Okay then. That’s fine. Your opinion is your own. That doesn’t mean I have to be fine with it, and it doesn’t mean I have to consider it acceptable just because you do.

Axis: The problem here is representation. My concern isn’t the quality of Axis, my concern is that 1) Marvel decided to be dickish enough to try to make Enchantress look more like Lorna on a variant cover paired with Wanda instead of actually using Lorna, and 2) that the cover for All-New X-Factor #14, the cover that ACTUALLY showed Lorna and Wanda together, was withheld until a week before release while this was happening.

Children’s Crusade: Present day Lorna not showing up WAS NOT THE ISSUE. The issue was how Marvel went so far in trying to erase her from the family at that time, they even REDREW A PORTRAIT FROM HOUSE OF M just to remove her. EVERYONE ELSE WAS IN THE PORTRAIT EXCEPT LORNA. It wasn’t just that Lorna wasn’t around, it wasn’t just that they didn’t think about her, it was that they even wanted to remove her from having ever been a part of a major Magnus family event she was a meaningful part of.

Conclusion. You’re the second person now to take things I’ve said and twist them, fabricate things I never said and suggest I did things that never happened, all in a bid to badmouth me and say I’m “not a true Polaris fan.” But if you’re going to do all that just because you don’t like the thought that Marvel might do things that are bad for Lorna, then you’re no Polaris fan. A real fan of a character doesn’t launch smear campaigns full of outright lies and twisting of the truth on other fans of that character just because they don’t like what those other fans are saying.

I am perfectly fine with you disagreeing with me, but I am not okay with you making up shit about me or twisting things I’ve said and done to sound dumb or heinous. I WILL block you if that happens again, and I don’t care if you don’t care. This is my only warning.