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I’m glad Emma confirmed that Lorna’s green hair will definitely come in, but the uproar and concern over it was always really strange to me. The premise of the show set up well for Lorna not having her green hair at first but showing it later, and the same goes for her actual character history. She started off dyeing her hair to hide the green.

It also wouldn’t have made much sense for Fox to avoid her green hair on grounds that it’s the most visually stunning aspect of her.

Out of companies that own her rights, I’d actually be far more worried about Marvel getting rid of her green hair than about Fox doing it. In a broader sense, Marvel’s been trying to undermine the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises for many years now. Lorna-specific, Marvel’s been sabotaging her opportunities in that same time span. I wouldn’t put it past Marvel to get rid of her green hair in another attempt to bury the character, and emphasize some other character with green hair to try to “replace” her.

Still, I view people worrying about whether or not Lorna will have green hair as a good thing. It shows they care. More importantly, the concern was at such a high point that it led to a need to confirm it’ll be there. The same thing didn’t happen with Blink despite Blink being in the same situation and (as far as I know) not having the canon hair dyeing background of the comics.

MORE Interviews The Gifted Cast; Green Hair Promised For Lorna Dane – XMenTV

One thing I noticed.

Looking at clips from the Gifted trailer, and clips and images from Emma Dumont, I notice she keeps making the same hand symbol and gesture.

Now that’s not the only way she uses her powers. We do, for example, see her stop bullets with her fingers splayed out.

But of what I’ve seen, it looks to me like this is the hand gesture Lorna uses on the show when using her powers. Which I find pretty cool cause it’s almost like an adaptation of the devil horns from X-Men #50, her most famous cover.

Does this have any groundbreaking importance? No, not really. If the gesture is based on the cover above, then it shows a level of commitment to the character for Gifted not previously noticed. Otherwise, it’s just a neat added touch.

Found on Singer’s instagram by Soulsword323 on CBR. The hair cap raised the question of if Lorna will have green (possibly energy) hair through CGI in this scene.

It’s definitely a mutant concentration camp scene. You can see D.O and some blurred text on her shirt (her left side, viewer’s right). Yet more to suggest that she’s probably dyeing her hair black to keep from being discovered as a mutant.