Life’s More Fun When You Add Blue

So yeah, I finally did an Iceman piece after having not drawn him since high school. Like REALLY draw him. Had so much fun with this piece.

Hope yall digs it.


Hard for me to tell if that’s Lorna or Jean on the right, but given Lorna’s the one he’s had romantic intrigue with, I’ll assume it’s her. Nice. 🙂


Magneto’s not Lorna’s real dad

X-Men #52, January 1969

According to that storyline, yeah. But Lorna’s introductory storyline was all about establishing how she’s Magneto’s daughter, and making the struggle between following in her father’s footsteps or doing the right thing into her central focus.

When reading the issues directly, it becomes clear there must have been some sort of editorial demand to retcon her relationship with her father, and we saw how much that retcon has hurt her even up to today. She still has a lot of trouble getting due respect for her long history with Marvel and the X-Men franchise.

I’m not attacking you if it looks that way, graymalkin; I know you’re just posting panels and pages. 🙂 I’m just informing for people who don’t know all this.