My Current Shows

For a bit of fun and relief from my more serious topics, and to be more bloggy for a moment, I’m gonna go into my current shows. By this I mean brand new content. Not stuff made a while back that I’m watching now.

The Good Place

If you’re not watching this… why? Go watch, it’s amazing. It’s got such a great soft sense of humor that goes completely against how often comedy seems to think you need to be crude and disgusting for no apparent reason.

I’m disappointed it’s ending with season 4, but I understand the decision to stop at four seasons instead of letting it go on endlessly. I can very much see the show falling into stale tropes over time. Keeping it as a nice tight package keeps it sweet and memorable.


This is on Shudder. It’s been fun. It’s part of a trend of bringing back horror anthologies, which I absolutely love. Anthologies have been misunderstood for a long, long time. It’s like a neat shot of immersion every single time because it’s always a whole different scenario with different rules and structures.

The House of Head is the best episode so far. The others are just kinda okay, but House of Head gives you some amazing thoughts on the concept of hauntings and spins the haunted house notion into a whole different angle. I’d love to see more like it.


I loved season 1. Niko was the best, followed very quickly by Chloe (the pixie girl who I really wanna see more of in future episodes). It’s a new, more diverse setting that’s not afraid to be a bit corny and playful with tropes.

I especially loved how this show evolved the sisters’ powers. The evolution is so much more fitting, in my opinion, to the core of their powers than what the original did to add new powers for the Halliwell sisters. Having other factions is great too.

I really think season 2 is when this show is going to find its best unique voice and shine.

The Purge

Purge has been rife with great social commentary since the second film. I’ve been watching all of it (films and show) since the first film entered theaters. Lots of potential in the setting, and it’s been great to see it expand to really delving into human nature and social structures.

I don’t know much about the newest season. Last season did a good job showing how men might use the night to be misogynistic assholes instead of murdering people. Also, how someone might exploit the day to murder outside the “official” hours and still get away with it.

That be all I have currently. I dropped Walking Dead because, although they were obviously in their right to do it, the death of Addy really put me off. I felt she had so much potential and the show just wasted it. It basically killed my interest and desire to see what happens with the other characters, or get attached to any new ones.

See you all next post!

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