Polaris fandom, my place in it

This post is prompted by comments by someone about how much I stan Polaris.

I am not “the authority” on Lorna. I’m just one fan among many fans who care about this character. I may be very vocal and demanding, and I may sometimes commission art or write tons of posts, but that doesn’t make the things I say any more important than anyone else. Other fans have drawn fanart themselves, or created and worn cosplays that took tons of time to make, or modded Lorna into various games.

There are plenty of fans that think differently from me on all sorts of things. I think Lorna needs to keep her iconic costume or a variation of it, other fans think she needs something purple like she had in the Austen era. I think her time as Malice should be explored and essentially reframed/rewritten to fix how she was treated in its original use, other fans think Malice should never ever come up again because they’re afraid Marvel will wax nostalgic too hard and just repeat the sins of the past. My being loud doesn’t mean I’m more right than them. There are some fans that know a hell of a lot more about the history for both Lorna and X-Men/Marvel than I do and possibly ever will.

I say all this for a couple reasons. As a Lorna fan, I want what’s best for the character. What’s best for her isn’t always going to be what I want, or what I think is best. I can be wrong. As part of a broader fandom, I want to be respectful of differing views from my own. Honestly, that’s the only way fandom really grows. Different perspectives contributing to a whole.

So if you see me say something strongly, remember, that doesn’t mean what I want and believe matters more, or that I’m more “right.” All it means is that it’s my POV, and I feel strongly about it.

I’ve been reluctant to make this kind of post because I’ve felt like it’s insultingly egotistical of me to think others may think this way. But this time, I feel it’s more important to state something like this instead of letting selfish concerns about how it might sound get in the way.

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