My unreasonable Polaris demands (vs reasonable ones)

Yesterday on Twitter, I said I’d make a list of things I want for Lorna that I recognize as unreasonable and therefore I don’t ask for them. I’m doing this to make a larger point. It’s incredibly easy for people at Marvel who think she’s a worthless character to imagine that what I insist on is asking for too much. Here I’m showing the difference between reasonable me and unreasonable me.

Unreasonable demands

  • Polaris as the focal star of a huge Marvel-wide event, a la Dark Phoenix or House of M
  • Marvel openly, publicly admitting Lorna’s been treated poorly for decades and apologizing for it, particularly busting the false myth that Claremont was a godsend for every character
  • The specific history of Lorna treated poorly to benefit Havok getting openly called out in the comics themselves
  • Everything Tom Brevoort did to try to erase or replace Lorna as Magneto’s daughter completely redone (e.g. Children’s Crusade re-released with Lorna actually in the House of M portrait, Avengers vs X-Men re-released only with Lorna heavily involved and a new special issue dedicated to her and Wanda, etc)
  • Spend at least the next decade with Lorna used and promoted as heavily as Wolverine, to catch up on lost time from decades of poor treatment

Reasonable demands

  • Polaris getting a solo, mini, oneshot or team book she leads to make up for the past few years (esp. being treated poorly to promote Havok on Blue)
  • Lorna included in Marvel events (at least at level of Uncanny)
  • Marvel not hijacking her moments and character elements and handing them off to other characters
  • Marvel using Lorna for her own value, not only using her to promote whatever big strong man they think she should be shown as inferior to this time
  • Marvel acknowledging her surviving the Genoshan genocide regularly in the comics themselves, that she’s been around for 50 years (since 1968), and various other important character bits and development
  • Lorna getting to interact and spend time with characters she hasn’t been used with properly for far too long (e.g. Jean Grey, Iceman)
  • Marvel not bending over backwards to undermine her (e.g. withholding comic covers, not promoting her origin story issue, etc) every time she has a shot at showing her real worth and interest
  • Lorna kept as Magneto’s daughter alongside Wanda regaining it, instead of acting like there can be only one and Lorna isn’t “worthy”

There are other situations where whether it would be reasonable or unreasonable depends on the context. Costume is one such case.

I might add more if I think of or remember more for either list. This is what I have now. Consider this a baseline.

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