mother nature stepped in on this too because just the other week a tourist died climbing Uluru. leave it alone.

This is off-topic for my blog but here are three reasons why you shouldn’t climb Uluru:

  1. it’s dangerous, people have died climbing it and many more have been injured.
  2. it damages the rock, you can see where the trail is because of all the wear and because there’s obviously no bathrooms on top there’s a whole lot of rubbish, used toilet paper and tampons on top further ruining the environment for future generations.
  3. THE TRADITIONAL OWNERS HAVE ASKED YOU NOT TOO. Imagine if people were climbing, shitting on and leaving used tampons on a site significant to you (a church, war memorial, a place of cultural significance i.e. the Louvre.

I will also add that there’s plenty of other stuff to do around there: a tour about the cultural significance of Uluru and the surrounding area, a walk around the rock and watching sunrise and sunset on the rock.

Also btw it’s called Uluru not Ayer’s Rock now.

Aboriginal elders in conjunction with the Australian government are taking away the rope that allows people to free climb and starting guided tours around the region telling people about the origin stories that make Uluru so sacred to them. They want your tourism! They want to share their stories! They do NOT want you to clamber over and damage their ancestors.

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