Marvel has a “Polaris reading list” on Marvel Unlimited.

Don’t read it. It’s really a Havok reading list of comics that involve Lorna, with only a few things actually relevant to Lorna out of necessity.

X-Men #49, X-Factor #243, and All-New X-Factor are the only suggestions truly relevant for a real Polaris reading list.

Everything else is largely about pushing a narrative that Lorna is weak, ineffectual and easily exploited on her own, and needs Havok to give her value and define her.

Whether it’s implying she can only pull off powerful feats if other X-Men help her, needing Havok to rescue her multiple times, or tagging along on teams led by Havok, the selections here paint a picture of Lorna as a lowly character.

Off the top of my head, this list is missing these key Lorna issues which would be in an actual Polaris reading list.

New X-Men #132

Lorna is found in the wreckage of Genosha, having survived the genocide that killed millions of mutants. She spent the entire time until the X-Men came for her just lying in the rubble, hearing the death cries constantly.

Uncanny X-Men #425-426

When Lorna is listed at the altar by Havok, after the hell she’s been through, she goes on a rampage (and mistakenly blames Nurse Annie for something that’s clearly Havok’s fault). It’s a moment of reckoning where we see Lorna’s done taking shit.

Uncanny X-Men #431

What Lorna went through on Genosha when the Sentinels attacked is seen firsthand – how the people saw her as a celebrity, how she failed to save them, how close she had been to them, and how horrific the ordeal was for her.

Uncanny X-Men #443

Lorna debates pacifism vs violence with Xavier. In doing so, we see a defining core of philosophy for Lorna, built off of her experiences, especially what happened on Genosha.


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