For Sale: Polaris Tweets, Never Posted

I have another post to make later. Tonight if I have the time and I’m not too tired. But this is overdue.

People are starting to talk about how it’s Lorna’s 50th anniversary next month. Marvel won’t acknowledge it, but others will.

Yep. People are increasingly aware of how shitty Havok has been for Lorna’s history. Having Lorna’s return and use on Blue hijacked by Havok to promote him and then Havok leading a team book while Lorna gets nothing doesn’t help that sentiment whatsoever.

I include this one because literally nobody has liked or retweeted it, vs the one it’s quote-retweeting getting 3 retweets and 19 likes.

Concern is rising about this. I don’t feel like writing extensively at the moment. Just. It’s pretty much what I warned could easily happen on this show after Dreamer was killed off so poorly.

Another to go with the Havok stuff up there. Guy’s trolling obviously. But it’s the same sentiment as the guy I ran into back in 2009/2010 that said Lorna should be left in space limbo to “keep her away from characters that matter.”

Couple new top 10 posts.

Segura doesn’t work for Marvel, but this is a vivid show that there are writers that would like to write Lorna in some capacity.

If they don’t work at Marvel right now, then it’s an issue that Marvel isn’t hiring people that would want to write her. They’re hiring people that match their personal sentiments that disadvantage Lorna.

Talk rising of how Lorna should be included in MCU based stuff with the rights going back to Marvel.

Remarks of how mental health issues are common in the Magnus family, and also questioning the trope of women “going crazy” in comics. I’d say a more accurate point here is women with great power suddenly turning out shitty or evil when they get it. Jean Grey, Scarlet Witch, Polaris, Sue Storm, Monica Rambeau (when Avengers leader), there’s a tendency in many past comics to paint women in a bad light.

Actually, I’d say Lorna could be bi too. But lesbian would fit just fine. Say that dating Havok was self-loathing. And it’s not like Marvel has any other characters in her history to deal with. They haven’t allowed her to date anyone that isn’t Havok.

Just some WATXM value.

The issue he’s talking about is, I believe, Uncanny X-Men #442 or #443 (I’m too lazy right now to make sure I got the number right). Austen’s run. Which shows how that run was integral to her character.

General fandom and character gushing.

Damn right she is!

This is an example of how interest in Lorna has spread. Again, people are dyeing their hair green specifically because of their interest in Lorna. People don’t do that over characters they don’t care much about.

Final tweet to highlight, for its great point. Marvel tries to seem progressive and supportive of diversity, yet they have all these great female characters that they don’t utilize in any real and proper way. Which, of course, includes Lorna.

That’s all here. I will have a post in the near future with no commentary, just tweets posted, to make a very specific point when I send someone the link.

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