When I complain about Havok forced on Lorna, this is the fucking reason why. This is supposed to be a write-up for her, but instead, it’s a write-up of how she’s been used for the benefit of men around her.

I deliberately removed the user’s name and handle because I don’t want him to be harassed, and that would accomplish absolutely nothing anyway if it did happen.

What matters isn’t who said it, it’s why they said it. That reason is the impression they get of Lorna because of her history with Havok. Because of all those decades, this user – and many others – perceive her as a character that exists for men. That can and should only be seen in terms of how she can advance the stories of men, add status to men, make men look good by being around them. Never what Lorna herself has accomplished, how she’s developed, what she’s been through.

This is why I hate Havok after X-Men Blue, and why I’m so fiercely against Havok forced on her. It’s Marvel muddying the view of who Lorna actually is. It’s disregarding her value because they can’t seem to care enough about this female character to do right by her, because she’s not popular like Jean Grey or Storm or Emma Frost so they can get away with it.

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