Polaris tweets part gajillion


This is two tweets I’ve found recently of people specifically asking Thompson to do stuff with Lorna.

I don’t think her reply in the second pic means anything; there were multiple suggestions, she could’ve been replying to any or all of them.

For the most part, I don’t have any particular feelings right now on whether Thompson would be good or bad for Lorna. I don’t know enough about her or her writing.

She would fulfill one of my recent ideal criteria, which is Lorna written by a female writer. I think a lot of the problems with the way Lorna’s been written by Marvel stem from a male writer POV. Lorna was written well in the few pages Marjorie Liu used her, for example.

I have more tweets focused on fave characters of the tweeter, but I wanted to spotlight these two because of the X-Men Blue panel used. As I said in another Tumblr post, I’m seeing that panel more and more on social media. I think it shows people want Lorna to be Magneto’s daughter, they want it used and explored, but they also don’t want it to be treated like it’s all there is to who Lorna is as a character.

More fave character sorts of posts for Lorna.

More requests/demands for Lorna to get a solo book, to go with what I’ve pointed out in other posts.

I’m also really glad to see Lorna increasingly referred to as a Queen. I think most people are just using it as a title of respect, but in her original storyline she was called the Queen of Mutants. Plus she was set as the heir of Genosha. So it all fits perfectly. The sassy and beautiful green queen.

Damn right she does.

Another tweet of someone signaling they’d like Lorna to be a lesbian, or that they personally see her as lesbian.

And on the flip side, this. The original tweet from Marvel was about a list of who in the Marvel universe had the best beards.

I’m pretty sure this is someone wondering if Marvel’s going to try to kill Lorna off in the next Marvel event. I can see other ways of meaning though, mostly playful.

We all know there’s a lot of love for the ideal Magnus family, here’s another tweet to that point.

I’ve seen a fair number of these kind of tweets. I think it says something about Lorna’s popularity and how awareness has spread of her when people do these “character you remind me of” tweets and Lorna is among the characters thought of.

And that be it for now.

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