Another installment of tweets. For the record, when I do these it tends to take me a few hours.

The X-Men Black tweet was before it was revealed it’s one-shots focused on different villains.

A lot of people want Polaris to get a solo or ongoing or at least be in a book. Yet Marvel isn’t giving her any of that. On her 50th anniversary. After how they used her on Blue to benefit Havok and Magneto at her expense.

The Magnus family as a whole, but especially the possible dynamics between Lorna and Wanda, continues to be something really want. Talk of the merger has people asking for Lorna and Wanda to be together in film/tv.

Unfortunately, I expect Marvel is going to either never use Lorna in those places, or only use her as “Havok’s clingy girlfriend” cause Marvel doesn’t seem to be willing to acknowledge that Lorna is so much more of a character than the bad stereotype she was treated like for too long.

Just more cases of people asking for Lorna in more figurines, games, etc.

Note that yet again, Havok got something – a metalfig – but not Lorna. Marvel’s bias against Lorna strikes again.

There are a few other tweets of “fancast me as a character” where Polaris was given as an answer. I just chose this one. Also, second pic is another case of people associating green hair with Lorna.

This tweet gets across the same feeling I had about Blue’s use of Malice.

I was not among the people who raged about the idea of using Lorna’s history with Malice. I always felt, and still feel, that exploring that history would be great for Lorna if handled well (read: not how Claremont did it). My big complaint and concern was how Havok around would ruin what’s possible there.

If Bunn had given Lorna a dedicated story arc on Blue where she’s possessed by Malice, we could’ve seen so much. We could’ve seen inside Lorna’s head as she fights Malice from within. We could’ve seen Malice exploiting Lorna’s connections and reputation on the outside. Things could’ve been revealed about Lorna or her relationships that would never come out in any other scenario.

Instead, Bunn had Lorna possessed then suddenly breaking free in almost no time at all. It was nothing more than a filler footnote buried in a story dedicated to Havok.

What the tweet above does bring to mind, though, is that perhaps the problem runs deeper than Bunn. Two different writers doing the same thing to two different characters at the same time suggests the editors may have pushed wasting all the potential that could’ve been explored with this story.

On the flipside of the value of Lorna’s family connections stated above, here’s a couple tweets that tell another side to the story.

Going too far with Lorna’s ties to her father Magneto is just as bad as not using them enough or not at all.

Lorna is her own unique character. She has a history, a mindset, dreams and aspirations, and so much else that all belong to her. It is very important that who Lorna is as her own character remain intact. Moreso than anything else. Not maintaining that runs the huge risk of people dismissing Lorna as “just Magneto with green hair and boobs.”

It’s better for Lorna to be less known but keep her identity than for Lorna’s name and face to be popular but she’s just a carbon copy of her dad.

And here, Lorna’s acknowledged for her Jewish ancestry. Which gives me thoughts of Lorna and Kitty exploring that ancestry together.

Last page that Connor refers to is from New X-Men #132. It is an amazingly powerful and emotional issue that does so many things. It shows Lorna using her powers for more than tossing metal around or shooting energy. It highlights just how horrific and traumatizing what she went through in surviving Genosha was. If you actually read the issue, it sticks with you deeply. It’s one of the most important issues out there to read to understand her.

A couple more cases of people suggesting an X-Men Green featuring Lorna.

I thought this was really interesting. As it says, it’s a bot about Marvel characters over in Japan, and Lorna was among the characters suggested for the bot. I think it does well in further demonstrating awareness of Lorna in other countries.

Lastly, a bunch of random tweets of people saying how much they appreciate Lorna, how she’s their favorite character, wanting to know more about her, etc. These are the sort of people that @marvelentertainment keeps refusing to do things for by not giving Lorna any opportunities and trying to hold her back as “Havok’s girlfriend” or “Havok’s ex” purely for his benefit and none of her own.

Until next time!

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