This post is overdue. Tweets about Polaris. Two separate times of tweet-gathering shown here. 

Another fancast. Seeing a fair number more these days.

My personal “fancast” more in spirit, look and style than in acting history is Bishop Briggs. White Flag and Dream are very Lorna songs and capture her nature perfectly.

Basically, all of these tweets combine to say the same thing: @marvelentertainment is completely ignoring what people actually want in favor of what they want to make people want.

Yet again, I demonstrate that there’s great demand for Polaris and content involving her. People aren’t just saying it’d be nice to have her. They’re having dreams about things they want that Marvel won’t give them. It really says something about the biases and ego rampant at a company when there’s this kind of interest and it’s spurned cause the people in charge refuse to acknowledge it.

People who follow my posts know I had a lot of complaints about Bunn’s writing of Lorna. One thing that can be said, though, is that she was in some of it. This user demonstrates that Blue would have had more success and interest if Lorna had been put to real use on the book.

Just a little more to emphasize interest in the whole Magnus family.

And this is another case of showing just how valuable the Polaris legends figure really was.

Lorna went over a decade without one, she was on countless top 10 most wanted lists for years. She’s been out for a couple years, and this is the result.

Exposure matters. Sometimes it’s finding out she exists at all and sparking interest. Or in the latter case, that figure provides emotional support

It’s more than just some dude buying a figure to collect or to give to a kid to play with. Figures can inspire new ideas, and offer much-needed motivation through tough times.

I’m still so happy that more and more people are noticing and repeating how Lorna was the second woman to join the X-Men. Word of mouth is taking care of informing people about something Marvel isn’t bothering to tell anyone about.

I also love when her nature as Mistress of Magnetism is acknowledged.

There’s tooooooooooooooons of role playing done that involves different versions of Polaris. I generally don’t post about those role plays, for the same reason I don’t post OTP matches or the “Polaris [insert verb] the Marvel universe” posts. There’s one interesting NSFW one that’s regularly caught my eye, but I never posted here cause this isn’t a NSFW blog.

This one stood out for me though, enough for me to want to share it here. I never would’ve thought of role play of baby Lorna, let alone interacting with baby sis Wanda. It’s pretty cool to me.

Different take on the whole X-Babies thing Marvel’s done stuff with.

Yes @esteicy-blog, I’m posting one of your tweets again. 😛 I agree with it here and when I responded on Twitter.

Jean would be a nice girlfriend. A new version of Dreamer based off the one that was on Gifted would also be good, IMO.

Personally, I’m not deeply invested in what shade of green she has as long as it’s very clearly green and fits her overall look.

But, I found these tweets really interesting food for thought. To me, anyone caring this much about not just her hair being green, but what shade of green is yet another sign of how much interest and support she has.

People don’t go down into details like that if they aren’t invested in the character, and people don’t get invested in characters when there’s nothing worth getting invested in. 

Questions be questions.

The second one is neat in that it’s more of Lorna considered meaningful enough to be a trivia item for people to answer. 

More of desire for Lorna in X-Men movies, this time with desire to actually play the role. Not just see it exist.

More of Lorna listed as various top favorites. More of her listed alongside other high-profile names.

Last one. Green hair = Polaris is a take I’m all for seeing more of, as always.

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