@marvelentertainment: “You want Polaris to be given respect as her own character and have her full potential explored without dragging her down with past bad depictions? Pfft, as if we’d ever do that. Also we refuse to give her any kind of meaningful platform or promotion.”

Also Marvel: “Hey guys, we’re gonna make moving Havok past his past poor depictions into a major facet of his current use, and we’re gonna do it by making him the leader of an important new book we’re actually willing to promote.”

This is not a dig on Matthew Rosenberg in any way.

It’s calling out Marvel for continuing to put Havok on a pedestal and giving him a bajillion different opportunities and promotions while absolutely refusing to give Lorna any support.

Now, if this was Lorna, I might have complained a little about Lorna being written as making a mistake so two men could berate her, but I’m only saying that because I don’t want to mislead anyone on what my views could be in a similar situation.

The fact is that I really don’t know how I would respond if it was Lorna instead of Havok here. Maybe I would’ve been okay with it because she wouldn’t have known, as shown here. I won’t know how I’d react with certainty until Marvel is actually using Lorna and doing the sort of things they do for Havok and characters like him ad nauseum while they refuse to do it for Lorna.

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