Here’s more Polaris tweets. I actually took these a week ago and never got around to posting them, so there’s new stuff out there that’ll come out next time.

Two of a number of tweets I found that essentially said Polaris’ team and her leading that team is something they love and would rather see instead of the teen O5. I think the fact X-Men Blue is more visible compared to how buried All-New X-Factor was is why we’re seeing a lot of people talking about the team.

On the flipside, these two complaints from the same person.

It shows that people are keeping a very watchful eye on how Lorna is treated by Marvel, and that there’s definitely a general feel beyond just me that Marvel isn’t really doing Lorna justice. Even a little suspicion that Marvel is deliberately undermining her at times.

Also this case of someone asking for more female-led books, and naming Lorna alongside other female characters that Marvel typically sees as “much better and more deserving of respect” than Lorna.

Multiple more recent requests and comparisons of Lorna and Wanda, and asking for more with them.

Personally, I also like the tweet about Lorna’s original green costume because it’s an explicit mention of how important that is for her character. Most people don’t really talk about it much because it’s “her default.” That leaves people who don’t like it and want it changed into something radically different that would make her unrecognizable to casual readers into the most commonly seen voice.

Flipside, here’s a case of someone wanting Lorna more than Pietro (well, “Peter”) in the films.

This is where I’ll go on record and say that 1) I’m perfectly fine with Quicksilver in the films instead, and 2) I feel Lorna and Pietro’s possibilities often don’t get the attention they deserve, including from me.

Also someone (mutual follow now) wishing Lorna was in the MCU, as another films element.

A little more taste of how far interest in Lorna has spread. She’s among top 5 X-Men women for one person, and viewed as a highly inspirational and uplifting example to cite by another.

Marvel should really be keeping the latter in mind when writing Lorna. That there are people out there who are deeply moved by the character, meaning she’s not the throwaway nobody some at Marvel think she is.

People are pretty open to the idea of Lorna being a lesbian, though as has been pointed out to me before, bi would be more appropriate given her relationship history. 

I also just plain find it interesting and cool that people are specifically thinking of Lorna when they bring up these ideas. They could’ve gone with all sorts of other characters and Lorna is the one that came to mind.

This is the last one I have. There’s always talk from people about loving the Gifted version of Lorna, but this tweet is a good reminder that there are a lot of big Polaris fans out there that don’t like or care about the live action TV version. Gifted isn’t the final word on who Lorna should be, in other words.

I think it also kinda works in conjunction with all the other tweets about wanting a solo movie for Lorna, wanting her in the X-Men films, wanting her in the MCU, etc. If people were satisfied with the Gifted version, they wouldn’t be asking for a film version, or they’d at least note that they want film Lorna to be Gifted version or played by Emma Dumont.

And so ends another episode of Polaris Tweet Theater!

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