Storm is the true second x-woman. Lorna is a minor league character and belongs on X-Factor. She will be back on X-Factor soon enough with The Goddess and Jean together again.


However, this does remind me of back when I had to deal with hardcore Rydia fanboys for FF4 who claimed things like “Rydia was the real female lead of the game, Rosa was just a useless damsel in distress supporting character.” People eventually understood she’s the female lead that offered and represented a lot more than she was being given credit for.

Same with Lorna being the first female X-Men member to join, second longest history with the franchise.

Storm fans – and I mean real ones, not people trying to troll – have a couple claims to fame of their own though. Storm was the first woman of color to join the X-Men, and she’s been used enough to become a pretty famous character not just as a woman of color, but in comics in general.

But now it’s time for Lorna to get some decades-overdue love and respect too. Her status, history and potential have been ignored for far too long, and Lorna’s 50th anniversary of her creation is the perfect time for Marvel to commit to doing better for her going forward.

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