Someone pointed out to me that volume 6 of the trade paperback for X-Men Blue is collecting only Blue #35 and #36, with speculation that the book ends with #36.

Blue’s release schedule is two issues per month. Having looked at that schedule, #36 would be the second issue of September – meaning it ends right before Lorna’s 50th anniversary in October.

Old, idealistic, optimistic me from 2009 would like to accept fantasies that there’s some big secret plan for Lorna’s anniversary, and would like to believe this is a hint that Marvel will actually acknowledge her value and history in October. That version of me would like to believe Marvel will do something big for her, like announce a solo book, or relaunch Blue with much more of a focus on Lorna’s value and potential than we’ve seen so far.

Current, jaded, pessimistic me – which has been right more often than old optimistic me – expects otherwise. I remember when Pietro was deliberately left off covers of All-New X-Factor while Days of Future Past was in theaters. I remember Brevoort trying to “replace” Lorna in Wanda and Pietro’s lives, first with Enchantress during Axis, then with “Luminous” on Uncanny Avengers.

Jaded me expects that if Blue ends at #36 in September, it’s to keep Lorna out of the comics on the exact month of her anniversary.

Because jaded me has been right more often than optimistic me, I’m deferring to jaded me again. I’ll have to wait until there’s more to go on before a firm conclusion can be made, though. Hopefully we get good news in/about October.

Edit: Though if jaded me’s view is correct, it would also mean Lorna wasn’t killed off in Blue #28/29, which is what I’ve been expecting will happen to her. So, positive note.

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