In case it’s not clear exactly how biased @marvelentertainment is against Polaris – and blatantly so – let me give you the description of this collection coming out in November.

Bolding important parts for emphasis.

Professor X is dead! The X-Men have gone their separate ways. Searching to find a way to make its poorest-selling super heroes click, Marvel was trying anything and everything. With the title on the verge of cancellation, Roy Thomas and Neal Adams clicked, and the rest is history. Their epic evolution of the X-Men defines the team to this day. Adams’ lavish and dynamic visuals and Thomas’ challenging and contemporary stories combined in a book that throbbed with the pulse of the times. Their iconic stories collected here introduce Havok, the vampiric villain Sauron, the Mutates and X-Man-to-be Sunfire! Not to mention the Living Pharaoh, a classic Savage Land team-up with Ka-Zar, as well as the return of Magneto!

COLLECTING: VOL. 3: X-MEN (1963) 46-66; MATERIAL FROM KA-ZAR (1970) 2-3, MARVEL TALES (1966) 30

Here’s why this matters: Lorna was introduced in X-Men #49, and had her full mutant reveal in X-Men #50.

But look at the description of this collection.

Marvel’s eager to emphasize Havok’s introduction, but there’s no mention at all of Polaris’ introduction. They place Havok front and center of highlights, they go on to talk about Sauron and Sunfire and the Mutates, but Lorna? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

November is a month after Lorna’s 50th anniversary (she was created in October 1968) and Marvel’s attitude is to act like she doesn’t exist and doesn’t matter as far as this description goes.

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