I guess Bunn shut your mouth in just one page, didn’t he?

Well first off, thanks for showing up in general. Last week, I was getting really, really concerned that there didn’t seem to be even one Bunn fan who wanted to push back on anything I was saying. I even made a Tumblr post specifically asking for such people to send something in, and got nothing.

This really, really irked me because even one absolutely horrid writer – bad enough that for a time top Google autocompletes for him included ‘sexist’ after his name – had people defending him when I called him out. I started to really, genuinely worry on what it said about Bunn that this other sexist writer had people willing to defend them while Bunn didn’t. So, thanks for changing that.

Second? I’ve been busy all morning and afternoon, as I said I would be yesterday. Even if what I’m about to say next wasn’t a factor, I haven’t had the time to post until now.

Third? I haven’t had a chance to see this “one page” you’re talking about. The only things I’ve seen so far are the preview pages from last week and four images of Lorna cropped to show just her, with no text. I dropped Blue after that horrid page from #23. As such, I have literally no idea what Bunn has or hasn’t done with #24. The entire issue post-previews could be The Flowers of Robert Mapplethorpe in comic book form for all I know.

Fourth? Whatever page you’re talking about could very, very easily be something you and other people think is perfection incarnate, but a closer look could reveal it’s loaded with problems.

I’m very used to being the sole voice or one of few voices to see something wrong in writing that other people don’t see. I’m used to being the host of a Cassandra complex, where I call out warning signs and they get ignored until it’s too late. This page you’re talking about could easily be such a case. Or it might not be. It really could be as great as you make it out to be. I’d have to see it first.

Fifth? I find your attitude amusing. Because you clearly don’t know me.

I want Bunn to “shut my mouth” in a good way. I want him to be a good writer and do amazing things with and for Lorna.

I don’t enjoy railing on him, saying he can’t write women, saying Polaris needs to be taken from him and given to another writer. Admittedly, there is a certain “fighter’s rush” when I get in the thick of it, but once it fades, there’s nothing left but depression and sadness and a slight feeling of guilt for having to call out another human being like that.

I want good writing. I want Lorna treated with love and care and due respect within that writing. If I say “this writer is ass,” I want that writer to show me I’m wrong to think and say such things. I want them to be the best damn writer they can be, especially to Lorna.

I’m not one of those assholes you’re thinking about that blindly hate on people or characters for no reason other than to act snobby and superior to everyone else. I don’t need to “win the argument” or “prove I’m better” or any of that junk. I don’t need to “be right.” I just need Lorna to be treated with the care and respect that’s long overdue for her. That’s really all I need. Lorna is more important than feeding my ego with the “I was right” line I’ve had to say far too often for over a decade in so many places.

I hope your claim that “just one page” is enough to “shut me up” is the real deal. I really, really hope that’s true, and that you’re not just throwing around empty trash talk. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

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