X-Men Blue #23 Initial Thoughts

I don’t have time right now to spend on an incredibly exhaustive, detailed analysis of every single thing I take out of the issue and its implications, so this is my initial thoughts. And they’re… not good. Overall.

I’ll start with the things I actually did like.

As I said with the preview, I liked this.

I had big complaints about Lorna reduced to “daughter of Magneto” and nothing more in the earlier issues, and the downward spiral that had on her treatment in subsequent issues. I’m glad Bunn gave her a chance to emphasize that she’s not just Magneto’s daughter, she’s her own character too.

I also liked that the artist got a little gold in there, on her cape clasps.

That’s the positive.

A decent chunk of Lorna’s presence in the issue did exactly what I worried it would do: put the emphasis on her “status” as Havok’s long-time ex-girlfriend.

To make matters worse, there’s a bullshit line (and unlike in the past, I really don’t struggle to call it bullshit here) about how Lorna and Havok haven’t been a couple “for a long time.”

Lorna and Havok have only been apart for 5 and a half years. In real world chronology, that’s already very little time compared to Jean Grey being dead for something like 15 years or Magneto being Lorna’s father not getting confirmed for nearly 10 years. To say even in real world terms that it’s a long time is already bullshit.

But it’s even more bullshit when you factor in comic book chronology. Comic book chronology is much, much shorter. It’s why Lorna was a teenager in 1968 and she’s rough estimate in her late 20s/early 30s today, 50 years later. So to stuff words in Lorna’s mouth saying it’s been a long time is like a couple being apart for 6 months and acting like it’s been decades since they were together.

I’m not even going to get into how Havok’s been hovering over her ass every single time she so much as breathes in the comics since the “break up.”

That, alone, makes me expect the absolute worst for his use of Malice possessing Lorna in future issues. If Bunn’s so eager to claim something I know he knows isn’t true for his Havok ship, then I have to fully expect he’s going to screw up what could’ve been a good storyline with Malice, too.

I’m sure I’ll feel like I’ve been overly harsh later today, but I always feel that way. So posting this and getting other stuff done now.

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