Cullen !!! I’ve learned to have faith in you on the X-Books after these past few years, but you don’t happen to have any reassuring words for Polaris/Emma fans do you?


I think both Polaris and Emma fans will be very happy. How’s that for reassuring? 😉

The fact that Havok is getting ANOTHER huge spotlight on him after he was already allowed to completely hijack what was being presented as a spotlight for Polaris in X-Men Blue #8 and #9 is not very reassuring at all.

I’m on a wait and see approach. I’m trying (with difficulty) not to completely condemn the arc before it happens, because maybe it will turn out better than I worry it will. I won’t know with certainty until it releases, and the two good depictions of Lorna in X-Men Blue #15 and #16 were steps in the right direction. I hope things continue on that positive path.

The problem is that Blue #8 and #9 screwed her over hard. Those issues claimed to focus on Lorna, when they were actually all about putting Havok and Magneto on a pedestal and making every single thing about Lorna revolve exclusively around them. It’s asking a lot of someone to believe we’re not going to get a repeat of that or worse, especially since this one is going full Havok when nothing has been done with Lorna to make up for #8 and #9.

“Just trust me that you’re going to be happy” doesn’t work when the last time trust was given turned out to be a mistake. I’m approaching this expecting the worst. But if things are done well – better than I currently expect they’ll go given history and arc setup – then I might be able to cautiously trust again. I had faith once. It’s been shattered. This is what remains.

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