If you don’t mind, I would like to see more Polaris and less Storm. We already know about the lame ass storm and we don’t need another lame ass storm nor her past story. We need Polaris past story. We need Polaris in the spotlight.


“Lame-ass” is my take away here, right? Also, I’m pretty sure “Lame-ass” needs a hyphen. 

Adding this as a sort of open letter response to the anon that will probably never see it.

There is nothing wrong with Blood Storm. If Bunn wants to focus on her and cares more about her than Polaris, that’s perfectly fine. He’s the writer and a person. He can like what he likes and not like what he doesn’t like. Calling the character “lame ass” is disrespectful to anyone who might like the character, too.

Also, X-Men Blue isn’t about Polaris. The spotlight is supposed to be on the teen O5. Sure, a book where Lorna was in the spotlight would be excellent, but that’s not what X-Men Blue is.

That said.

I do have a complaint in that Blood Storm got the sort of support and in-depth character exploration that Polaris should have received in X-Men Blue #9 and never did. And never will.

This is not a “Blood Storm should’ve gotten worse” take. That line of thinking is awful. This is a “Polaris should’ve received better” take. Personal monologue, flashback panels, exploration into character nature and philosophy, those are all things we should’ve seen for Polaris in X-Men Blue #9. Instead, we got text/speech bubbles and other characters talking about how important it is that Lorna has relationships with two men, as if she’s worthless if those two men don’t exist.

So in sum.

Blood Storm is a perfectly fine character. There are bound to be people out there who like her. Don’t knock her for lack of personal interest, and don’t act like they’re rivals for panel space, because they’re not. If Bunn likes her, Bunn has every right to write her as much as he wants. He’s the writer.

But, if Bunn isn’t really interested in Polaris for anything more than writing about the men in her life, then he shouldn’t write Lorna. I appreciate that Bunn helped to repair Lorna’s father-daughter relationship with Magneto that was severed in X-Factor, and that’s enough if that’s the furthest things get. Better to not write her than to write her without trying to understand her as her own character. I don’t want Bunn forcing himself to do something if he doesn’t want to do it. None of us will walk away from that happy.

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