I’m stupid for a pretty consistent reason: I’m stupid enough to call out problems with the way Polaris is being written/depicted before anyone else starts noticing them and complains.

This makes me stupid because I get shit for it from some people for daring to be among the first few to say anything. Because I’m stupid enough to be loud and in-your-face enough that Marvel or a writer working for Marvel could avoid making huge mistakes if they catch it in time.

I was one of the first people to call out Peter David fucking up in All-New X-Factor #2-6, and by the time he actually listened, it was too late. The book was doomed.

I was among the first people willing to call out Marvel for screwing over the X-Men franchise in favor of the Inhumans (and the Avengers before that). The recent Inhumans show bombed hard because Marvel kept plugging away with that attitude.

In both cases, I got shit for it at different points. I especially got it during ANXF, when hardcore Peter David fans were insistent that Peter David could do no wrong.

My complaints don’t have the magic power to sway tens of thousands of potential readers to suddenly drop a comic book, nor do they have the power to make a TV show bomb with critics. All they manage to do is serve as an early warning system for the shit something is about to fall into if the creative elements behind it don’t start doing much, much better.

If I were smarter, I’d wait until enough people are suitably pissed off about things like how X-Men Blue treats certain characters that I blend in. It’s not like anyone at Marvel cares about quality enough to do something at the point in time where I complain. Instead, I choose to be one of the first to say something, and I take heat for daring to break the quiet grab ass mold.

I should just let it all go down in flames. Polaris will survive it, given that she’s going to be written correctly on Gifted. It only took an entirely different company than Marvel to get it right.

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