Fun fan theory: Polaris is immortal

I had a fun fan theory earlier today: 616 Polaris is immortal and nobody realizes it.

As a little girl, she survived the plane crash she caused that killed her mom and stepfather. She even has torn up clothes but no wounds.


On Genosha, she survived the genocide while literally everyone around her died.


After she got depowered on M-Day, she ran out in front of a Sentinel, expecting that nearly dying might reawaken her powers. Obviously, she didn’t die.

When forming a new set of Horsemen, Apocalypse chose Polaris as Pestilence and she was even the key to his scheme that time, attempting to have her spread a terrible plague that would wipe out all of humanity… while Polaris managed to live with it until Beast purged it all from her body. Notably, in turning her into Pestilence, Apocalypse didn’t just use Celestial tech to give Polaris new powers that suited his needs. He used Celestial tech to restore her X-gene, bringing back her normal powers.


Alternate universe versions of Lorna have died, but this Lorna, 616 Lorna, never has. Many, many people around or close to her have died. She’s had moments in her life where she should have died but didn’t.

So, what if it’s not just by happy accident that Lorna managed to survive all these years without a single death while many of her comrades have? What if she literally can’t die, whether her body withstanding any force or her somehow affecting probability (similar to Wanda’s original hex powers) in such a way that any potential ways of dying never come to pass?

It would certainly make Polaris x Wolverine shipping a lot more interesting, and perhaps Polaris can steal Death away from Deadpool. 🙂


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