Jill Stein eying recount in three states?




Former Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein may be eyeing a recount in three states.

Political observers on Wednesday noticed Stein had launched a fundraising page on her website for a recount.

seeing compelling evidence of voting anomalies, the Stein/Baraka Green
Party Campaign is launching an effort to ensure the integrity of our
elections. With your help, are raising money to demand recounts in
Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania– three states where the data
suggests significant discrepancies in vote totals
,” the page reads.

It goes on to say the group needs to raise “over $2 million by this Friday, 4pm central,” to ensure a recount.

This has to be for Hillary Clinton since there’s no way she’d call for an audit herself. Jill Stein knows good and well she didn’t win any states.

From CNN: “The computer scientists believe they have found evidence that vote
totals in the three states (Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan) could have been manipulated or hacked and
presented their findings to top Clinton aides on a call last Thursday.”

You can donate here, if you’d like.

Reblogging here to get word out as fast as possible. Donations to the fund for a recount are needed by THIS FRIDAY by 4 PM CT.

Even if you feel in any way uncertain about this, isn’t it better to donate the money and it go to nothing, than to not donate and find out something that could’ve been done wasn’t due to lack of funds?

“Wisconsin Increases Recount Filing Fee to Outrageous $3.5-million
Friends, I have an important message for you. We need your help to stand up to the powerful forces trying to block our recount campaign for citizen democracy. We received word yesterday that the final estimate for the filing fee for the recount in Wisconsin is $3.5 million – an outrageous cost increase from the initial estimate of $1.1 million that was given to us by WI state elections officials based on the last statewide recount. But thanks to over 130,000 small donors like you, we have enough money in hand to pay this fee and move forward with the recount!

But because of this exorbitant fee increase – bringing the total money required for recounts in all three states to $9.5 million – we need your help. We’re not there yet, and we need every last penny to reach the $9.5 million benchmark. And share this video on Facebook and Twitter – we can’t let our voices be silenced by this obstruction to a citizen’s movement for a transparent and accountable vote.

Your immediate support is crucial – Please donate now and share widely.”

I’m on mobile but this just happened and it’s ridiculous.

You have to wonder why the hell the number was bumped up so high, too. I’m pretty sure all the recounting will be done by volunteers, which as far as I know should mean none of them would be paid for the work. Only reason I can think of for the arbitrary bump in cost is trying to prevent a hand recount. $1.1 million already seemed like a ludicrous amount.

Jill Stein eying recount in three states?

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