@valekementari You’re a dumb bitch

Polaris was the first to discover that the X-Men were alive. The rest of the X-Men thought Cyclops and his clown crew were dead.

@pumazumba hey you little shithead, read my blog and understand this was just a humorous panel to mock Summers. This wasn’t a go at Lorna for not knowing who “Scott” is, it was a go at Summers for being so irrelevant not even Lorna recognizes him. If I wanted to have a go at Lorna, which I have numerous times before, I would have posted something like this


Now get your head out of Lorna’s vagina and think before speaking, moron. 

I didn’t think the point of the original post was hard to miss, but some people are like that I guess.

As for the other Polaris images here, most of them were either when Malice was in control of her body, or when it was Claremont who had (and still has) such a passion for Storm that he decided another woman (Lorna) had to be put down and depicted poorly in order to make Storm look better.

Because you can’t have a strong dominant black woman without tearing down a strong dominant white woman, apparently, in his eyes.

Not attacking you, of course, valekementari. Just talking about the images and panels themselves.


You two are the Dumbest people I ever met. First of all, stop using panels out of context because it would make you look even more dumb. Second of all, in your first scan, Polaris (and Havok) were brainwashed by Eric the Red.

She was captured during her retirement. She has no memories of who she was or where she was coming from. Also, she didn’t have that much experience like her father who has two lifetimes of experience over Polaris (and this happened way before she learned how to control and manipulate electromagnetism). Therefore, we all know lightning wouldn’t do shit to Polaris (or Magneto when Storm’s lightning can do nothing but charge their powers). Therefore, this is irrelevant written by Claremont.

The second scan I have to LOLOOLOL and RFLMFAO. Why are you posting a scan where it shows Storm saving Polaris? When this was not even a fight to begin with? let me explain (Dumbass) and post some complete panels.

An interesting event (New X-men #132 – 2002) and here Polaris is acting like a magnetic pole. Wielding powerful magnetic forces and surrounded by luminous ghosts. Polaris is found amidst the ruins, affected by the ghosts of all who died in the infamous genocide, and by her father’s final words. Her eyes glowing from the energy output, she’s carrying millions of magnetic patterns, the recordings of the last moments of Genosha. As she floats in a trance, numerous amorphous ghosts and various metallic fragments revolve around her, like the winds of a tornado. Jean tells the others that Polaris’ entire nervous system is overloaded. The metallic debris orbiting Lorna is washed away in waves of Jean’s telekinetic tide. Xavier ordered Storm to swoop down into Jean’s telekinetic whirlpool and rescue Lorna. So tell me dumbass, how the fuck is this a fight or a win-win between them? Another panel that doesn’t have anything to do with your extremely low knowledge.

And for your last dumbass panel, I still find myself RFLMFAO. Have your dumbass ever heard when entities or spirits or a spirit entity (just to make myself clear) take possession of your body and mind; you don’t have control over your own body and your brain is completely shut down and you become nothing but a puppet. Like demons possess people and make them do and say things they don’t have control of or remember anything from the incident. Well that’s exactly Polaris predicament with Malice. Saying Storm beat Polaris just by grabbing her from behind is inconsistent. Again, there were no fight whatsoever and this was not Polaris, but Malice. If this counts in your fantasy, I can have my own fantasy. How about this?

Written by Claremont: I know what you thinking… this was a “robot” A robot who had Polaris’s memories and magnetic energy and clearly is Polaris. I’m sure you wouldn’t count this as a beat up. Well, same goes with Malice who wasn’t Polaris while being in control. You want a real Polaris vs Storm? Here it is

And let me clarify that this was the REAL Storm who Polaris was facing because according to Beast…

And this was also written by Claremont. It is unclear into what Claremont passion were back than when he never put these 2 powerful females (mainly Polaris) into a real combat. A battle that should’ve displayed for more than just one page. “Claremont who had (and still has) such a passion for Storm that he decided another woman (Lorna) had to be put down“
these claims were patently false. Claremont were having trouble with
two distinctly different characters whose powers were magnetism. His interpretation with Magneto and Polaris was decidedly different. Evidently he prefers Magneto and tried to change Polaris into something else by giving her a secondary mutation in order to understand her characterization without interfering Magneto’s ability. In Claremont’s mind, Magneto was the stronger, muscular, violent and forceful that X-Men has to face. In this case, Polaris and Magneto having the same abilities would make Polaris his Opponent (This is the reason why Valerie Cooper higher Polaris in the X-Factor’s team). But since she’s officially become Magneto’s only daughter, there is no room to deny their indistinguishable super powers, because other writers, like Peter David for instance, can understand complicated characters and made it easy to have a Master and a Mistress of Magnetism. Storm was the least of his favorites when all his passion was toward Magneto who he made him one of the most famous character through comic (history) industry.

Those old single panels of yours are irrelevant. Claremont depicted many characters poorly including Storm. Now get your head out of Storm’s vagina and think before speaking, moron.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure that puma guy is this one person or part of a group that’s been going around attacking people for no reason when they talk about Polaris on Tumblr.

In any case, I see their baiting attempt on me for what it is, but I’ll go ahead and take that bait because I really don’t care. 🙂 Dude be desperate.

The last couple images there come from X-Men Forever. puma conveniently left out three important details about the context and Polaris’ treatment within it.

Detail #1: In an earlier issue, Perfect Storm (the “evil” Storm) not only defeats Lorna, but does so with a single blast. Intended message from Claremont: in his eyes, Lorna is normally a pushover.

Detail #2: Lorna’s apparent victory over Perfect Storm is written as happening only because Perfect Storm killed Havok moments ago and it’s enough to make Lorna mad. In other words, Claremont’s idea of Lorna can only be trouble for Storm if it’s for Havok’s sake and she’s really really mad.

Detail #3: Perfect Storm wasn’t fighting Polaris alone; she was fighting Lorna and another, “good” version of Storm at the same time. In addition, when Claremont’s Polaris threatens to kill Perfect Storm, good Storm demands that Lorna back off… and she does. So, in Claremont’s conception of Lorna in X-Men Forever, not only is an enraged peak power Lorna only capable of taking on Storm if another Storm is distracting her, but Lorna is so “submissive” to Storm that a threat from Storm will stay her hand from what she wants to do.

Context is everything, and the prior post leaves out that important context entirely.

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