About a month ago, I had an idea for a Polaris-centric Magnus family mini-comic. I’ve been able to afford paying for commissions of Polaris stuff, but I know I wouldn’t be able to afford something on this scale. For that reason, I’ve decided to post the idea as I wrote it down a month ago.

The idea is essentially an emotional criticism of how Marvel keeps destroying or refusing to use all of Lorna’s family and friend connections, and all the potential they have to offer.

Panel 1: Polaris happily approaching Wanda, who has her arms outstretched ready to accept a hug. Lorna: “Wanda! I’m so glad to see you!”
Panel 2: As soon as Lorna puts her arms around Wanda, Wanda’s body dissipates into red smoke and energy. Lorna: “!?”
Panel 3: Pietro appears to be speeding toward Lorna from the side, as Lorna turns and opens her arms to greet him for a hug. Lorna: “Pietro!”
Panel 4: Only Pietro’s costume reaches her; the rest of him seems to speed by like gusts of wind. Lorna’s really starting to look sad here.
Panel 5: Dark silhouette Magneto fair distance behind Lorna. Lorna’s starting to turn around toward him, looking over her shoulder. Lorna: “… Father?”
Panel 6: Magneto’s helmet, cape, armor, etc collapse into a heap on the ground with green electricity sizzling around it.
Panel 7: Zoomed out shot; Lorna on her knees in despair, surrounded by costumes and items associated with her lost family (and a lot of empty space); e.g. crashed model plane for the plane crash, maybe extend to Bobby and include melting ice or Jean and include her Marvel Girl costume. Lorna: “Gone… they’re all gone…”

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