*reads and sees gifs about how DC fucked up with the Killing Joke animated movie*

I’m not surprised. Wait, scratch that. I’m surprised only in that DC Comics didn’t decide to make it much, much worse.

To be generous, I’m putting the rest in a Read More cut. Spoilers for what I’ve seen talked about online.

Let’s go back to last year, when DC Comics had Rafael Albuquerque draw that Joker variant cover of Batgirl. That cover emphasized the notion that Batgirl should be seen first and foremost as a victim of Joker, that the most vital and meaningful thing she ever did was make Joker look more dangerous and give Batman more of a reason to go after him.

Albuquerque didn’t choose to make that variant cover so extreme. People at DC Comics prodded him to do so. Higher-ups at the company wanted Batgirl to be seen that way.

Can you really expect that those notions wouldn’t seep into an animated film about Killing Joke, under the guise of giving Batgirl “more of a role?”

So, DC made this big deal about how they’d flesh Batgirl out. Give more weight and power to what Joker did to her. Problem: the source material’s idea of Batgirl’s value is how things that happen to her affect the men. As such, DC was more than ready to take that to the next “logical” step: bumping Batgirl up from Batman’s sidekick to Batman’s fuckbuddy.

Because a woman can only ever want to fight alongside a legendary hero under his theme and banner if she secretly wants to fuck him. Right?

Killing Joke the animated film was never going to come anywhere close to attempting to rectify everything wrong with Killing Joke the story. You can’t build a sturdy mansion on a shoddy, crumbling foundation. It doesn’t matter how badly you like one specific corner of that foundation, if the rest isn’t up to the task, it won’t work.

The one thing I can say positive about the Killing Joke animated film from what I’ve heard thus far: at least they didn’t make what Joker did to Batgirl even worse. I sincerely expected they’d do something as extreme as making her have full out sex with Joker, Joker’s hyenas, or possibly even her dad. Killing Joke’s claim to fame is how “edgy” it is, after all, and when you have something “edgy” this old, the natural line of thinking is that it’s too stale and needs to be made even “edgier.”

Or maybe I’m speaking too soon. Maybe we’ll see one or all of those things happen at some point. Between that Joker variant cover last year and everything they’ve done to Harley Quinn, I wouldn’t put it past them.

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