Ok thank you. I had question though I don’t know if you know the answer of not but you seem to know Lorna. Does she have the ability to move or control caps shield or Iron man’s suit since they are made of metal?


Hmmmm. I’m going with Lorna’s powers as per comics p. much, which is magnetism based. Due to the scope of her magnetism (around the same as Magneto’s in potential) she can therefore influence even non-magnetic metals to a point. Now, Iron Man’s suit is made of … as I recall it’s a gold-titanium alloy with various metals in it for wiring and motherboards and the like isn’t it? and Cap’s shield is vibranium and we don’t know if that’s magnetic. 

So to answer your question, I’d say probably somewhat, but not with the same deftness as she could steel. Almost everything has a magnetic field of some degree (if I’m recalling my science right, do correct me if I’m wrong; I am not a science person despite my sib and dad being science people) so with enough practice I imagine Lorna could move them easily, but as her powers are still magnetic-based it’d be harder for Lorna to influence things which are non-magnetic than things which are.

So… she could, with practice and a little effort, and she can almost certainly sense them as metal in the magnetic fields around her, but she’d have to spend a fair bit of time practicing with non-ferrous metals (like the copper she made into a bracelet for Wanda, and the bullet alloy she used to make a bracelet for Vision) before it’d really be easy for her. But yeah, she could probably do it.

*jumps in uninvited* I’ve complained about how Avengers vs X-Men failed to use Lorna and only included her as nameless background cameos, but it did at least answer the Cap shield question.

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