I stumbled across this picture this morning. I don’t know any Russian/Cyrillic, and I couldn’t even begin to figure out how I would transcribe any of the text to plug it into Google Translate. I’m wondering if anyone reading this can translate the text, or knows someone who can.

NOTE: The text MIGHT be NSFW. I honestly don’t know. I apologize if it is and that causes problems for anyone.

As for the art itself, I found that it comes from @lyfaye. She also did an excellent Lorna and Wanda pic.

I contacted @litllepictureonlitlleworld after they left a message to this post, and they kindly translated the text for me. 🙂 It’s just a description of Polaris and her history, but I still appreciate it greatly. The idea of Lorna being immortal is an especially interesting one, and perhaps could explain why she’s never died in the 616.

I made changes to the text that I think make it more readable, but the changes may not be correct.

“The X-Men recruited Lorna through Iceman, and he fell in love with her. However, the "Greenilocks” is not reciprocated – she fell in love with Havok, brother of Cyclops. Her first nickname was “Magnetrix” – but Lorna quickly abandoned it. However, Havok long trolled her for this nickname. Lorna is so well controlled in her abilities that she could control the iron in the blood of people and cut hardcore with the geomagnetic field, and it was thought that as long as the Earth exists, Lorna immortal. And yet she gained a secondary mutation through which Lorna could absorb negative emotions and increase in size – but this mutation was gone after “House of M”.

Original text, also by @litllepictureonlitlleworld:

в команду Людей-икс Лорну завербовал Ледяной человек, и влюбился в неё. Впрочем,“Зеленовласка” не ответила взаимностью – она  влюбилась в Хавока, брата Циклопа. Её первым прозвищем  было “Магнетрикс” – но Лорна быстро от него отказалась. Впрочем, Хавок еще долго троллил её этим прозвищем. Лорна настолько хорошо контролировала свои способности, что могла контролировать железо в крови людей и рубить хардкор с геомагнитным полем, и считалось, что пока Земля существует, Лорна бессмертна. А ещё у неё появилась вторичная мутация, благодаря которой Лорна могла поглощать  негативные эмоции и увеличиваться в размерах – но эта мутация пропала после Дня-М. 

Thanks again for the translation!

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