Jimmy Attempts To Read All Of Secret Wars 54 (House Of M Edition)


Jimmy Attempts To Read All Of Secret Wars 54 (House Of M Edition)

Extremely late, but I am contractually obligated to bring you the penultimate post in my Secret Wars read through.  In this installment we’ll turn the clocks back to 2005 and visit a domain based on the mega House of M event. Remember the tie-in series to the original House of M where Peter Parker was a famous actor and businessman, believed by the world to be a mutant and happily married to Gwen…

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This was an interesting read.

Of course, because it’s a series of summaries, it doesn’t do anything to get across the generally fun and playful tone of the Secret Wars House of M miniseries.

There are also a lot of things I disagree with this blogger on. Magneto releasing the humans shows he did learn something. Death Locket having a non-metal arrow tip that can strip mutant powers really isn’t a bizarre deus ex machina, which the blogger doesn’t say but I think was his intent based on tone/phrasing. Magneto had been in power more than long enough to warrant the creation of such a weapon, it couldn’t be a bullet, and Hawkeye was known as an opponent to Magneto’s rule. If the person can get in close, it doesn’t matter if it’s an arrow or not, so arrow makes more sense.

Now, there were certain problems with the miniseries not mentioned by the blogger. Pietro became a cowardly heel type, which was unflattering, didn’t match non-SW HoM, and I feel could’ve been passed on in favor of other options (e.g. Pietro setting up Namor the whole time). Magneto also came across not so much brash as stupid at times.

But, I feel in general and in spite of these flaws, SW HoM was an absolutely amazing ride. Each issue couldn’t come quick enough, and I felt it was among the best depiction and treatment of Lorna in the past decade.

Still, I’m glad to have read the blogger’s post and the thoughts given in it. It’s another person’s perspective on the miniseries, and each perspective can bring new insights (or if you’re the writer, areas for possible improvement).

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