okay but hear me out: Ororo, Lorna, and Jean as those cool aunts who do brunch

  • like I’m thinking mid/late 2000s, so they’re all in their late 30s (fudging all timelines here but w/e), and they were all inaugural Xavier students around the same time so they’re close
  • once a month Ororo and Jean head down to the city and they drink various breakfast alcohols and gossip while looking fun and aloof and drawing the admiring glances of passersby
  • they like how dramatic their different hair colors look when they’re in a group, and they like getting dressed up for brunch. as soon as Instagram pops up on the scene in late 2010 they are ALL OVER IT, and their group selfies are out of this world.
  • Lorna is The Cool Aunt but otherwise unattached and fine with that; she’s bi and has had several good, solid relationships that ended when they needed to, and she is friends with all of her ex’s–except the ones who were terrible, but as a rule she figures that out and drops the bad ones within a month, so they barely count
  • Jean is happily living that DINK lifestyle w/ Scott
  • Ororo was totally convinced she was going to have a Lorna-style life, but then X2!Nightcrawler comes along and oh no he’s cute. an unplanned pregnancy and whirlwind wedding follow. Kurt cheerfully becomes Mr. Munroe; Ororo is like scary-good at being pregnant. she’s just so chill and competent, like how??
  • every once in a while they end up talking politics. Lorna generates static electricity when she gets too aggravated.
  • if someone is rude to the waitstaff while the ladies are in the restaurant, Lord help them. they might find that themselves accidentally stabbing their face with the fork while trying to eat. a freak rain storm drenches their open convertible. Jean can work that slightly-unscrew-the-salt-shaker trick from up to sixty feet away.
  • 50% of the time they do #laughingwithsalad laughs. the other 50% they snort, slam the table, and literally can’t breathe
  • Ororo is picky about eggs not being cooked for two long. and at one point their favorite place adds shakshouka to the menu and she just about falls out of her chair in delight
  • they engage in none of the “oh now that I’m getting older and getting FAT I guess I’ll just have salad lol” banter. nope. it is a 100% positive lady-love space.
  • sometimes Lorna orders lox, but she’s always vaguely embarrassed knowing that she’s doing so at a place that serves $15 cocktails and doesn’t make its own bagels. (she has her own favorite deli, of course, but for brunch they do fancy places)
  • Jean is sort of an organic girl. like she’s not obnoxious about it or anything, but she often eats, like, yogurt with granola and local berries.
  • one day someone suggests it would be funny to match their drinks to their hair colors, and they do it partly as a joke, but appletinis, Pina Coladas, and Bloody Marys are actually fucking delicious so it becomes a semi-standard

Fanfic alternate universes don’t need to obey timelines. 🙂

I like the static electricity bit for Lorna, and all three ladies flaunting their varying hair colors.

Also, congratulations, you just made me really want to see art of the three of them in a #laughingwithsalad photo op.

Your imagination is always so much better than mine, I am unashamedly jealous. Looking forward to more of these!

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