Why aren’t Lorna and Alex together anymore? WHY?????

Because Lorna needs more time allowed to develop with her own unique thoughts and interests that don’t depend upon or revolve around Alex.

Alex got his origin story told decades ago; Lorna only just finally got hers told three years ago. Alex has led his own teams multiple times; Lorna only just got to lead her own team in 2013. Alex’s family and his relation to them has been thoroughly detailed; Lorna is only just now getting to spend time with her family, and even with that, she’s not able to do so with Wanda or Pietro due to Marvel’s recent forced retcon on the twins.

For decades, the only identity Lorna had in the eyes of X-Men and Marvel readers was “Alex’s girlfriend”, and it led to her losing out on all the things fans of other characters take for granted. And that’s not even talking about how poorly she’s been depicted in the worst depictions of their relationship.

I’m not saying Lorna and Alex should never be together. I’m saying Lorna needs more character development and promotion as her own woman before they get back together.

The last time they were split up and then put back together, it only lasted for about 5-6 years, and being split up for that short a time immediately led to Lorna getting cut out of major X-Men and Marvel events, kept from interacting with her family, and having potential storylines (e.g. anti-Apocalypse cult) dropped in favor of having her serve Alex’s interests. I take that as proof she needs at least a decade apart from him where she establishes who she is and what she cares about and represents before it’s safe for them to be a couple again.

Edit: Also, if ANY of this comes off as aggressive, I’m genuinely sorry, that’s not my intent. I’m only trying to add my opinion.


Sorry, I didn’t pick up on it being rhetorical. I just thought you liked how sappy the scene is. I’ll try to pause and think a little more in the future.

As far as how long-winded I was… I’m still trying to shake having spent a few years dealing with a guy that was very negative about Lorna doing anything that didn’t involve being in relationship with Alex. I carried that baggage into this and I should’ve known better, sorry for that too.

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