31 Days, 31 X-Men – Inktober 2015 Day 8

Polaris, who is very hard to keep from looking like her more famous sister Scarlet Witch when you don’t have a green crayon handy.

I disagree about the difficulty in not making Lorna look like Wanda without color, but then I’m not an artist. 😛 You got all the touches here that make it clear it’s Lorna, and that’d be the case even without the skull included.

Whoa, I just saw all the abuse flung at you by other accounts that I have blocked for being abusive. Given what those other accounts said (which I think are all the same person or small group of people, but I digress), I want to make it clear I was NOT trying to attack you for saying it was hard to keep her from looking like Wanda. If my reply read that way at all, I’m deeply sorry.

I also hope those other remarks don’t make you think poorly of Lorna fans, or dissuade you from drawing Lorna again in the future. They’re just a really vocal and abusive minority in an otherwise very friendly and enthusiastic fandom.

No need to reply unless you want to, I just wanted to show my support for this work and say sorry for all the awful comments others made.

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