Recent activity has inspired me to want to make a post about a specific topic: Polaris and Storm. The above sequence of images represents my overall thoughts on their potential together. More details, some personal, some speculative, follow the cut.

In the very, very beginning, I was opposed to Storm. As I learned about Lorna, I also learned that almost all the reason she’s been shafted for decades and still hasn’t recovered comes down to Claremont’s efforts to build Storm up. While Storm had a prominent spot on the team, wielded electricity everywhere, represented a more free feminist attitude, Claremont took all that away from Lorna. He pushed her off the X-Men, replaced her original attitude with a more damsel in distress kind, would only bring her back when it meant villains using or abusing her (e.g. Malice, Zaladane). There was even a point where Claremont stripped Lorna of her powers completely to replace them with different ones, as if trying to dismantle everything she is.

Eventually, I snapped out of it and realized: there is absolutely nothing wrong with Storm. Bad things a writer does to one character do not mean the character that benefits is a bad character. Storm is an excellent character in her own right. The only problem she had was Claremont not having enough faith in her own unique value to feel like he could handle both Lorna and Storm on the same team.

Lorna and Storm have a lot of potential together. They are not “redundant”. In the hands of someone that cares about both characters, neither of them is “invading” each other’s “territory”, just as you can have both Iron Man and Captain America or Emma Frost and Jean Grey on the same team.

This is why I shared the pages and panels above. In that issue, Storm has the power, but not the ability to lift an island. Lorna can lift an island, but she needs more power. But, pairing their own unique gifts, they pull it off.

Each of them has certainly progressed in what they can do since those days. Lorna’s managed to lift whole oceans recently. That doesn’t mean they can’t help each other. Maybe in a fight, Storm could gather a cover of mist that Lorna could use to mount a surprise attack from behind with flying metal. Maybe Lorna can tap into electromagnetic waves to pick up location information/radio transmissions or nearby metal enemies/objects, and Storm can use her earth link to navigate terrain and hazards.

And that’s just powers. They’ve both been royalty. They both know what it’s like to grow up with oddly colored hair. Conversely, while Lorna’s seen the horror of prejudice in the Genoshan genocide, Ororo knows what it’s like to be judged by her race in addition to her mutation. (She may have something just as powerful as surviving the Genoshan massacre in her history; I don’t know her that well).

Lorna and Storm can support each other, build each other up, make up for any weaknesses between them. They have narrative elements both similar and unique to really draw upon.

They have a wealth of potential. The only limitations are the ones people choose to see. Even though Lorna was treated poorly in the past, future writers can do much better by her, and really make the most of Lorna, Storm and their relationship in ways that benefit both characters.

Thank you for bearing with my long spiel if you got this far. I hope for brighter things in the future. 🙂

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