Bryan Singer claims the middle one isn’t Lorna, but I think she was originally meant to be Lorna before Singer took over.

BULLSHIT because Singer didn’t say anything like that. Who the HELL you think it is? It’s Lorna because that who we ALL believe she is. It can’t be no one, but Lorna Dane. AND I didn’t create this collage so it’s crystal clear to everyone that it is Lorna Dane.



“Quicksilver’s younger sister was simply his younger sister, not meant to be his twin or Scarlet Witch just a character he could bond with and hold at the end.”

Now, it’s possible one person made the quote up and it got spread by others who thought it was legit. I tried to check his instagram account when I first found the quote, and the post where he did the Q&A wouldn’t load comments beyond a certain point for me. But, he also has yet to come out and say the quote is false or say anything that disproves it, either.

Likewise, it’s possible that just as I think the little girl was originally intended to be Lorna, Singer could make her Lorna again. But if this quote is legitimate, he isn’t even acknowledging the girl could be Lorna, only Wanda – even though we already knew it wasn’t Wanda.

Though I’ll say, Singer refuting the idea of the little girl being Quicksilver’s twin is weird given their obvious vast age difference.

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