“there are bad and hypocrite people who like to discredit characters and you seem to be one of them“

Yeeeeeah, maybe try not introducing yourself with the fan equivalent of “I don’t like what you said there, therefore YOU ARE LITERALLY THE EMBODIMENT OF HITLER.” That’s an insta-block. Especially because it’s now an M.O. I’m very savvy to.

I actually kind of have mixed feelings about being targeted like this. On the one hand, I don’t really want to be a big known name of anything, if I did then I’d have a real blog with featurettes and regular output and such. That was never my goal.

On the other hand, if we’re to the point where a person or group of people is trying to harass and smear me like this, it means progress. People don’t typically launch attacks against fans of obscure nobody characters, they’d see it as a waste of their time.

So much progress has been made for Polaris since I discovered her and started campaigning for her back in 2009. We went from a character hardly anyone knows, who never got to lead a team in her own right, never had her origin story told, whose status as a mutant AND as Magneto’s daughter was up in the air, to the Lorna of today.

She has an origin story, after over 40 years without one. She led her own team in All-New X-Factor. She’s her father’s daughter again. She’s a mutant again. She’s getting tons of cameos as AU versions during Secret Wars, including a big role for her House of M counterpart. It’s becoming more common for people to actually know who I’m talking about if I mention Polaris, and there are all these wonderful pieces of fanart and cosplays coming at least once per week for a character who once had hardly anything.

We’ve come so far since 2009, and the days when people would argue against Lorna being restored as Magneto’s daughter or insist she should remain in space limbo and “out of the way.” Not just fandom, but even awareness and acceptance of her as a meaningful character has really grown, and I’m so happy to see it.

I didn’t really expect to become a target of harassment in the process, but if that’s a necessary sacrifice, I’m willing to make it. I’m not going to stop pushing for Lorna just because some guys decide to smear me for my efforts six years into it, especially with the progress that’s been made for her.

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