If I ever become involved in marvel I’m going to fight to the death for the rights of All new X factor so they can have a movie


SERIOUSLY!!!! THIS TEAM IS SO GREAT!!!! Remy is so dorky but serves as a great narrator. Lorna is a fantastic leader who has anger issues (she almost killed remy’s cat for biting her) warlock and danger ARE PERFECT! They always say the wrong stuff at the wrong time (and warlock crushing on her is adorable!)And Doug…is kind of there 😂but Pietro! He is dealing with a whole lot of guilt for his previous actions and is looking for redemption! I NEED THIS MOVIE! I NEED THIS COMIC TO COME BACK! I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDD IIIITTTTTTTTTT IT WAS CUT DOWN IN ITS PRIME!!!!! PLEEAASSEE

I feel ANXF had a lot of problems from ANXF #2-6, and #4 and #6 were especially bad issues, but from ANXF #7 on after it got much much better. I feel it didn’t get into its real potential before it got canceled, and I honestly think Marvel wanted it to get canceled or else they would’ve done more to promote it. Especially ANXF #14.

I also still think ANXF would’ve made for a good cartoon.

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