Geekdom is the only place where socially shunned males can be save and be themselves. So when women, who exclude them outside geek culture, invade those save spaces and force the scene to conform to their wants and rules they leave the men with nowhere to go. Where can they flee? They’re backed into a corner. Attacking invading women is not harrassment – it is defense. Women hate socially inept males. Why should they not hate them back when they try to destoy their only sanctuary.




Ok, where to begin with this trainwreck.

Gaming was never yours. Never. It was not designed as a safe space for guys free of women and you have no exclusive rights to the medium in the same way that no gender have exclusive rights to film and television. If women said you were not allowed to read books because that is their safe thing you would think they were ridiculous, you do not own a medium.

Women are not required to want to hang out with you in real life in order to game, that is another bullshit standard you apply to them and not to men. If a guy is a jerk whom you wouldn’t want to hang out with in real life you don’t throw a tantrum.

Women are not a hivemind, we each have our own individual thoughts and feelings and judge you individually. 

That being said, women don’t want to hang out with you, not because you’re socially inept, but because you are an entitled asshole who thinks that women owe you their time outside of games in order to be able to play games without hostility. 

If men weren’t hostile towards women, who have just as much a right to game as them, and weren’t so hostile towards the concept of fair representation then there would be any changes to the “scene” required, because people would already have a fair and fun experience.

Games are not your sanctuary mate, they are a product medium and never once has it been yours. Get over yourself.

“When women invade those safe spaces they leave men with nowhere to go”

Even if this load of absolute bullshit had any truth to it I’m deeply confused as to why this Anon believes that I or any other woman would remotely CARE

Pathetic loser men, and it’s actually been proven that men in games who attack women ARE literal losers, do nothing but act as gatekeepers to something that was never theirs to begin with.

For anyone wondering what big-wired is talking about, here’s the article.

Increasingly, fictional mediums, franchises and characters are getting this sort of exclusionary talk where certain people try to dictate who is and isn’t allowed to be involved. They try to be gatekeepers, deciding that certain criteria that conveniently aligns with their own opinions and experiences determines who has legitimacy.

In this case, it’s guys trying to insist that geek culture – the entire pop culture section of society encompassing video games, comic books and similar mediums with multiple genres, and the ability to make them or fanworks based on them – is a place where women do not belong.

Unfortunately, this is a byproduct of past sexism in these industries. For both comic books and video games, marketing types with false assumptions about boys and girls decided the two mediums are exclusively for boys because a lot of products have action and violence. A lot of the boys who spout this “geek culture is a male space, women are invading it” talk are simply repeating the marketing junk fed to them in their youth without putting any thought into it.

I, for one, am happy to see so many women involved. After growing up with the same marketing junk, made to believe girls enjoying such things is a bizarre anomaly, I’m happy to see women making comics and video games and cosplaying their favorites. I especially love how I’ve seen many women pick up female characters that have been treated very poorly in the past and push companies to do more and better for them.

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