About Quicksilver’s little sister in Days of Future Past

There’s been some arguments about the little girl in Days of Future Past. Time to clear this up.

A year ago, when Days of Future Past was coming out, this was revealed.


Essentially, there were scenes from DoFP that got cut, one involving a little girl, who references an older sister upstairs. Bryan Singer said in interview that the little girl isn’t Wanda, and implied Wanda is an older sister upstairs. This left the little girl’s identity open, with a strong chance it could’ve been Polaris.

I was hoping for that, as were most Lorna fans. Unfortunately, we got this news earlier this month, from Bryan Singer on Instagram.


“Quicksilver’s younger sister was simply his younger sister, not meant
to be his twin or Scarlet Witch just a character he could bond with and
hold at the end.”

Now, I tried to verify its authenticity, but I had no luck – a Google search only pulls up various sites citing this quote, not the original comment. When I finally tracked down the Instagram post where the Q&A took place, I hit a barrier to how many comments I could load. Here’s the link. Try for yourself, maybe you’ll have more luck.


If the quotes on the WordPress link are all accurate, Singer doesn’t seem to even acknowledge Lorna while he dismisses the little girl as being Lorna.

So, what we’re left with is this: either the quotes are false and the little girl may still be Lorna, or they’re true and Bryan Singer’s decided both Lorna and Wanda shouldn’t be used in the live action X-Men films for the foreseeable future.

Where should we go from here? Well, if you want Lorna to be in the live-action X-Men films, simply do what you can to promote her and demonstrate there’s enough interest in her that Fox and/or Singer would be more likely to use her in a future film. It doesn’t matter whether you think the little girl is Lorna or not, it certainly couldn’t hurt her chances.

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