Magneto #20/Inferno #3/Starlord & Kitty Pryde Thoughts

Guys, I slipped. I thought Starlord & Kitty Pryde was coming out next week, and only just discovered it came out this week. I also never got around to sharing my thoughts on Inferno #3, and I need to do a better rundown of my thoughts on Magneto #20 now that the things I had worried about were (thankfully) proven wrong.

Magneto #20

I said this with the previews, but it was really cool that Magneto posited the thought that another version of him may exist in the other universe, and may be acting against him. We already know that version of him is dead, but Magneto doesn’t know that, and it’s a great introduction to showing he has a limited POV compared to the reader.

Briar looks a lot more cunning in this art, which I think is the biggest reason some fans theorized she could have been Mystique. It was an interesting theory among the ones out there on who Briar could be, though I’m honestly glad she turned out to still be her own unique character.

Lorna telling Magneto he can stop fighting is… awkward to me, but I can definitely see her saying that out of concern he could kill himself with too much strain. It shows she’s aware that he’s in a self-sacrificial state of mind.

The issue also does a good job of representing all the big players from the solo, and including Lorna in the mix. There’s a definite “home stretch” feeling from it.

And Lorna looks amazing in her dress. I’d love to see this one as a cosplay some day, but I have a feeling that’ll never happen. I’m still not quite sure what to think of all the people missing limbs, showing scars, etc at a party to celebrate Magneto; it seems kind of strange. For me, personally, it stretches believability, but I could just be missing something important.

And then, of course, the end. Before Magneto #20, I was worried she might get killed off; after it released, I was worried she might’ve been depowered. Thankfully, neither were true, but my kneejerk response at the time was extremely unfair.

Draining Lorna to use her power instead of Lorna having to bear any of it is definitely something Magneto would do. He’s had a long history of thinking he’s doing the right thing by withholding information from Lorna and doing things that may feel like betrayal, but he thinks are in their best interest.

In all, Magneto #20 was a great read, and I’m looking forward to Magneto #21.

Inferno #3

There was no indication Polaris would be in this one, so I didn’t find out until after the issue already released. I still managed to read it digitally. Forgive me if I say something wrong, as I’m jumping right in the middle and not entirely aware of the entire backdrop.

Colossus’ eagerness to save his sister comes across well with the demons on the stairs and busting down the door. It’s interesting to see this Havok around given the character history, too. Domino seems a lot more strategic than Colossus, which I get the feeling is meant to suggest Colossus might have been more successful on past attempts to save Illyana if he’d been more strategic that way.

Artist did an excellent job with what I assume to be an attempt at a “Whore of Babylon” play. I think that one deserves kudos to the writer and artist. As far as Madelyne Pryor goes… I disagree with the complaints that led to her underboob getting covered. What matters is context and how well it fits the character. Madelyne’s the type that’s shown she enjoys such displays. I’d complain if it was out of character for her to show underboob and made her look bad, but it fits her history and doesn’t tear her down. She’s a very sensual type.

I’m happy that while all the X-Men are wearing about the same uniform, Lorna has a green glow and her headdress to remain close to her iconic look. Got Strong Guy there too as an homage to X-Factor.

At the end, Mister Sinister looks a lot more gruff than I’m familiar with for his 616 counterpart. It’s a neat spin for the work he does.

Star-Lord & Kitty Pryde

There are a LOOOOT of cool cameos mixed into the very first page. It does something you really don’t see much of, one of the things I praised Peter David for when it happened in bits and pieces on ANXF: seeing characters in their everyday downtime. We get a lot of the big stuff, which is important, but it’s also nice just to see the characters being people beyond that.

That said, part of me wishes Lorna used her powers to play the guitar; but I can see her wanting to do it naturally too. Still, imagine what music tricks she could pull using both hands and powers.

It’s great that we get a brief summary of Battleworld and how Starlord ended up where he is, for people (like me) who haven’t been reading the major books. Thumbs up any time that happens. The commentary with this world’s Drax also helps to establish that characters may be much different from the 616 ones people know.

Holy hell Kitty Pryde’s dress looks gorgeous.

I just realized I’ve devolved into this.

Holy shit, knives crafted from Longshot’s bones? God Doom doesn’t mess around, huh?

There’s also this picture I haven’t seen make the rounds.

I don’t have much else I can think to say, other than that this is another interesting use of X-Factor, but overall pretty good issue. Hoping Lorna gets to play a bit more in future issues. 🙂

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