I ran across this picture among the screencaps I have stored on my hard drive. This is from All-New X-Factor #1.

I was in arguments recently with another guy on Tumblr that didn’t like me criticizing Marvel or parts of All-New X-Factor. Among my criticisms, I said ANXF #2-6 treated Lorna very poorly, and things only started to improve for her with ANXF #7. Included in this was how it was Gambit who recruited the other half of the team, not the team’s designated leader – which was even worse in Danger’s case given Lorna clearly didn’t want Danger on her team when Gambit recruited her.

But of course, there are many things that WERE good about All-New X-Factor, otherwise I wouldn’t complain that Marvel didn’t give it proper marketing and support. Overarching interaction with Pietro, sister time with Wanda (ANXF #14), some of the spots with Gambit were good for Lorna.

That’s where this picture falls into place. I loved Lorna’s recruitment of Gambit here. She’s very cool, very composed, very intelligent and comes across as extremely business-savvy. I wanted to read this Lorna badly, and I’m happy we did get to see more of this Lorna starting with ANXF #7.

So, that’s all I wanted to say. I just wanted to share one of the moments I see as a highlight of Lorna’s time on ANXF. 🙂

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